Poll: How Far Ahead Do You Plan Your Meals?

I was just talking with my friend, a personal trainer from Toronto and author of The Fit Bastard and The Fit Chic, Scott Tousignant, about his current goals of getting to 5% body fat.

I asked him what method he’s using to reach his goals and he replied “My Fit Bastard Workouts” and Jon Benson’s Every Other Day Diet. I caught him while he was making a tuna salad meal and asked him how the rest of his program looked and if he was on target to reach his goal. He’s three weeks out and 2% away from achieving it.

meal planningI realized that I’ve got my next 6 weeks of cardio and training planned and I’m following my own Reverse Caveman Diet on which Fat Loss Fundamentals is loosely based. I know what I’ll be eating for the next 6 weeks and I have it mapped out on my calendar.

It got me thinking about this poll, asking that very question – about how far ahead you plan your meals. Do you know what you’ll be eating for the day, or tomorrow? If I asked you what you’re having for lunch tomorrow, how would you answer? What about next week on Wednesday? is it a re-feed day? a low carb day? A meat day? a cleansing day?

I’d like to know how far ahead you plan your meals and what sort of reasons or results you get from the format you follow


As always, leave your comments with your thoughts.

As a side note, Scott and I were talking about the Fit Chic workout program and all it has to offer. It sounds like it’s quite the kick ass program for women wanting to get in shape. I’ll be doing a review of it soon. In the mean time, check out The Fit Chic women’s workout program.

As of today, the results of the last poll had coming in as the #1 choice.


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