Do You Pee In The Shower?

This is so just for fun and has nothing to do with any sort of seriousness, but will help settle an argument between Darlene and I. We were talking the other day and it turns out we have different thoughts around peeing in the shower. I’m not going to say which of us is totally for it and which of us has never done it, but it got me thinking about what the general consensus is out there. The question is simple, and anonymous, so you can answer honestly. Do you pee in the shower?

It’s our first poll, and what a way to kick off the polls. I promise they’ll be more enlightened from here on out (probably, except for Friday Fun)


There will be no prizes awarded, but the answer may surprise you, me and even Darlene – No, not Darlene.

Before you send me tons of comments about how inapropriate a question this is, I want to just say that I’m willing to bet money, and I’m not a betting man, that you’ve always wanted to know the results of this poll. You may be the CEO of a fortune 500 company, an actor or actress or even a pastor or rabbi – and I’m sure it’s come up at one time or another, so don’t tell me your not even a little bit curious.

and for the record, she dared me to post this poll and to be honest, I hesitated a bit. Just a bit.

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