Celebrate Your Success Every Day

How often do we end our days on a positive note rather than a negative note? I’d like to think it’s more often than not, but the truth is that we seem to be very hard on ourselves for all the things we did wrong in the day. I’d like to have you reverse that trend, acknowledge all the little wins you had in the day and go to bed knowing that you took action on your weight loss program and fitness. I know that I’m my own worst critic. I use it to become better though, pushing myself harder each and every day and I believe that you can do the same thing. It’s just a matter of perspective isn’t it? Celebrate your wins, focus on what was good rather than what went wrong, then use your inner critic to push yourself so that your little wins become bigger wins the next day. Where focus goes, energy flows.

celebrate success every day

There is a practice of acknowledging your daily successes each night before bed. What you do is come up with at least 3 things you did that day that were good. They do not even have to be related to your weight loss program, or what you did for fitness or exercise. Just 3 little things that were good. You can either write them down in a journal or simply note them mentally and know that you had a good day. I think you’d agree that it’s much better to go to bed knowing you were successful for the day instead of beating yourself up all the time.

We should give ourselves credit a LOT more often than we do.

You might celebrate the fact that you weeded the garden, or that you did a random act of kindness (RAK). It might be that you read a few pages or chapters of a new weight loss program book, or that you began browsing for a new home gym. You might have walked 10 minutes more than normal, or completed 2000 more steps than they day before. It might even be as simple as the fact that you brushed and flossed your teeth before going to bed.

What it was is not the important part, but rather that you acknowledge your success and celebrate it.

Get your kids involved.
Create an achievement chart and involve all the members of your family. Get some stickers and find a way to use them on the chart. The kids might set some goals and then note the steps they might take to get there… then win a sticker for their chart when they act on the steps. Then they might get 5 stickers when they reach their goal.

Ah yes, teach your kids to set goals, and then focus on the steps to get there. Each night after brushing their teeth, just before bed, the kids and you might celebrate the steps they’re taking towards their goals. Imagine how much better the world would be if kids are taught goal setting and then take that into their adult years. They would probably achieve so many goals early that their adult years would be filled with goals about changing the world. The achievement board for the family is an idea that Blush came up with in the forum and I’d like to thank her for sharing this idea with her family and kids.

Think Big and teach that to your kids

You might learn something yourself in the process.

Be kind to yourself. Be your own best friend. Give yourself a pat on the back and say, I had a great day today and I know it because ….

End your day knowing that you are a success.

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