Best Abdominal Exercises – Win A Free Copy

The Best Abdominal Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of” is a book about unique and innovative exercises devoted entirely to the abdominal area. This abdominal training manual contains information on 77 extraordinary new exercises including pictures, videos, tricks for performing them, and common errors to avoid.

For one day only, TODAY, I’m giving it away to one lucky reader. So if you have ALWAYS wanted to train your abs so that they literally pop out of your skin but have been getting nowhere with crunches, this is the information you need.

This is NOT your typical ab training book that shows you a bunch of exercises you already know. I’ve gone through this book and I can’t believe how many completely new exercises are in it. If you’re serious about getting amazing abs, you owe it to yourself to check this out now!

Want to learn how to do these KILLER abdominal exercises?

I thought so.

Want it for FREE?

Free Gift – Best Abdominal Exercises

During the week of February 2 through February 6th 2009 (Mon to Friday this week), and I are giving away a free copy of all his fitness books and programs including The Best Abdominal Exercises You’ve Never Heard of.

Anyone can do this as long as you’re willing to GOYA and put in the effort.

Create an eye-popping six-pack that will reach out and GRAB attention. The exercises in this book make the contraction in ordinary ab exercises feel like a gentle breeze.

You’ll get MAXIMUM tension at the most “anatomically possible” contracted position, creating the abs you’ve always wanted!

Continue reading to find out how to Win a FREE Copy…

You’ll get 77 great descriptions on how to do the exercises along with full-color photos and videos! And, if the exercises and videos aren’t enough, he’s designed very specific programs to help you achieve off-the-charts results. You’ll take your abdominal and core training FAR beyond where you’ve ever been with these highly targeted programs:

  • Waist and Love Handle Minimizer
  • Core-Strength Workouts
  • No-Equipment Workouts
  • Six-Pack Workouts
  • Abdominal-Detail Workouts
  • Explosive-Core-Strength Workouts
  • Lower-Ab Workouts
  • Swiss Ball Workouts
  • Serratus Builders

And more…

No matter what your goal or desire for your abs, he’s got a program that puts it all together and WORKS!

Think you are already familiar with what Nick could possibly teach you about abdominal training? Read what this martial arts instructor had to say about it:

I had a look at the book yesterday and it did not let me down. Congratulations Nick – this stuff is bloody brilliant. First I thought – yeah right, how many ab exercises that we have not seen could possible be out there? Well, you obviously proved that there are plenty of them. To be honest, I only knew one.

It’s clear that lot of imagination, lateral thinking and your vast experience went into this. All the exercises are the real deal – functional stuff. The book is a breeze to read, well-structured and the pics and video clips take all the guesswork out.

Any trainer out there who wants to keep up to date with the latest in training techniques should have this book.

George Hynec
MA Training
ISSA S.M.A.C (Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning) Instructor
RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Instructor
Sydney, Australia

Free Ab Exercise Training Course (for Everyone)

abdominal training guideNick would love you to experience 5 of his unique ab exercises for free.

Simply sign up for his free ab training course and you’ll have a new exercise to try every day. He’s confident that the 5 exercises alone with create results for your mid section as long as you do them.

Nick’s Ab Training Guide ensures you develop a 6 pack abs, tighten your waist, flatten your stomach (where regular crunches totally fail), develop astonishing core strength, target your hard to reach lower abs and use every moment of your ab workout to maximum efficiency. Never waste another moment training your mid section.

Some Clarity…

There’s so much free stuff today, I just want to be clear about what we’re giving away.

1. EVERYONE can have a free copy of the Ab Training Guide with the 5 exercises. Go here: Free Ab Training Guide

2. ONE lucky person will win the FULL VERSION with 77 Never Seen Before Abdominal Exercises (see below)

Win A Free Copy…

Tell me why you must have this program in the comment section. Over the weekend, I’ll be choosing one person who has left the most compelling comment and send their email to Nick for a free copy. Today is the last day of this promo, so make sure you leave a comment on the various fitness programs we’ve been talking about all week.

that’s it… leave a comment telling me why you should have this rapid fat loss and muscle building program, and it could be yours.

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and the winner is Judy Haynie – Comment #3. Judy, I personally chose you because of the wedding thing. I too am getting married this fall and my fiance and myself are in a body transformation contest right now. I FULLY support you in your intention and efforts to get into killer shape for your spouse. Thank you for everyone who participated in this giveaway.

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