Hell yeah! Not being yourself would mean …

Comment posted on Speaking My Truth by Josh Streeter

Hell yeah! Not being yourself would mean having secrets. It’s a little secret that you occasionally use a four letter word. It’s a little secret that you don’t believe God is a bearded man who lives in the sky. Oh well.

If you don’t have secrets, your secrets cannot be exposed, and you cease to be vulnerable. Let me tell you, it’s a rough path, unless you fully commit to detachment. Once you fully detach from the concern of other’s opinions, you will attract 10 fold the good people in your life.

It’s odd how people like other people who are just themselves, even if they don’t share their views. Like me liking Bobby Knight for being himself, even though I disagree with nearly all of his childish crap. You at least know you’re not getting smoke blown up your ass.

Carry on, brother! BTW, you’re the second person I who has recommended Warrior Camp. I’m going to have to put some serious consideration into that.