You, Just Wait A Minute!

Eating when read in a dictionary refers to the consumption of food for nutrition. Consumption yes but at an intense rate. Once again, our lifestyles dictate what food we are consuming but also the amount of time we consume it in.

Let me tell you about the ‘ah ha’ moment I had today.

It came to me while I was out doing an errand and at of all places, a food court and discreetly watched those around me “eating”.

Ever hear yourself say,

I was starving; I didn’t even taste the food. I inhaled it!


Inhaling Your Food

My husband and I while dining together, seemed to always finish our meals at different times. He would eat slowly and enjoy his food while I, would eat so quickly that I often didn’t get the opportunity to savor or enjoy the food as it was meant to be. My husband would eat half of his meal and quite often he was too full to continue eating so his leftovers would be put away and result in a meal for the next day.

My eating habits were hurried and stressful. By the time I got to my lunch, I was famished and wanted to consume it as fast as possible. By eating slow, this was his time to rest his mind and refuel his body.

I Missed The Signal I Was Full

Not only was I denying myself the pleasure and the romancing of the food but I also hadn’t allowed my body to receive the signals telling it that I was full.

Instead, that 20 minute time frame consisted of eating my meal, a second helping and sometimes dessert!

In many families, meals were and still are a social event. Often, meals lasted a few hours with everyone gathered around a table talking, savoring the food and enjoying each others company. Today, the average meal is finished in 12 minutes and breakfast or lunch on average is finished in a mere 2 minutes. We’ve replaced our family dining with a one the go dining style.

Eating Whole Foods

My plan involves creating meals with whole foods. When preparing and cooking whole foods, it takes time to prepare so why not take the time to experience the textures, taste the flavor and the smell the aromas of the dish you took the time to prepare? Why not indulge in your sensory abilities? I’ve noticed that I am, the first time in 40 years able to truly taste my food but I can taste the difference by choosing natural, unrefined foods. In fact, I make better food choices because of the taste.

Eating slowly will also help with the digestion process and make it easier on your stomach. If you eat slowly, you will also tend to chew more which will result in the digestive enzymes being activated much sooner. By eating quickly and not allowing your stomach to digest, you are inducing digestive problems which may results in heartburn.

Eat Slow – Weight Less

One added bonus to eating slowly is weight loss. Studies have shown that participants in a study who took double the time to consume their meal consumed fewer calories and became full much sooner. Within one year, by simply eating slowly you can lose up to 20 pounds.

Take my challenge: Enjoy a meal with someone special to you and not only savor the food but also indulge in their company. Take it slow. Couldn’t we all use a little more time to connect with that special person or people in your life?

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