Women of Sparta

Have you seen the “movie 300“? If you haven’t now may be a good time. The strength displayed in the movie was not far off from the actual truth. But what about the women of Sparta. What were they like? Well, I thought I would do a little research on who were they were, what made them different and what kind of strength they had? What you are about to discover will amaze you.Spartan Women

From infancy, girls were given almost the same treatment as the boys. In their society girls were as much a part of the Spartan strength as the boys. When a new Spartan was born she or he was given their first bath in wine. This was to detect the strength of the baby. If the baby was weak it would die soon after. If the baby lived, it was then taken to the council for a visual inspection so to speak, and yes, just like in the movie, if the baby was insufficient or had imperfections it was tossed over the cliff.

This was a very strong nation by choice, and although their actions may seem strange and harsh to us, it was these very actions that ensured the strength of their nation. In my eyes, the Spartan women had to have the strength of a bear on the inside. I mean, I would have jumped down the cliff after my child no matter what the deficiency was. But I’m a little crazy like that. I’m big on kids.

The young women of Sparta, the girls, were always encouraged to exercise and go to public school to be educated. What you may not have known is that it was a wide practice back in the day, for men to exercise in the nude, the buff. Ah, the freedom of how that must have felt. To know there was no stigma about it and that your body was considered a beautiful thing. Maybe we should reevaluate our views on nudist colonies?

Women of Sparta were encouraged to exercise in the same way. It was something that other nations were not very fond of, but was one of the girls privileges as Spartan Women. It was ordered that maidens (girls) exercised by wresting, running,throwing,gymnastics, the quoit, and casting the dart. It was also encouraged in order to render women from the fear of fresh air and their over tenderness.

It was thought that women who were fit physically would bear strong children and have a better birthing experience. So in essence they had wise rulers who saw many benefits to having a healthy body whether that be man or women.

So the same benefits that we know about now were the same that the Spartans had for seen and practiced many years ago. So why did we stop? Why do we find it such a chore to get up and exercise? Have we just gotten to lazy with all of our modern conveniences? Maybe we should go back to rock throwing as it were. Maybe it is us who needs to rethink our focus on what holds us back from exercise. It should be a normal part of our day. Don’t you think? We need to quit saying there is not enough time in the day, because there is. Whatever the excuse may be, get rid of it and think Spartan!

So Spartan followers, dig deep and find your Spartan side. The next time you are even thinking about working out, just do it. But do it Spartan style. Find their strength within you and bring it right out into the open. I dare ya! OURGH! OURGH! ORUGH!

By the way a little trivia….
The first women to win an Olympic sport was… you guessed it , a Spartan Women by entering in a carriage race.

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