Trust and Love, What’s the Difference?

Is trust what makes a relationship work? I always thought it was love, but if you think about it they are two in the same. You trust someone, so therefor you love them, right? To put your trust in someone, many people think, is to give them full control over your feelings, to be so open and giving that you fully give them all reign over who you really are. Why do we do that? Can’t we trust someone, love them and still maintain control over our feelings and emotions? Mirror Effect

When you meet someone new or have been with someone for a long time, it is grand and wonderful thing! You fully trust that person with everything that you have. Your in love but you are also in trust. Have you ever thought about a relationship that way? Not as being in love, but as being in trust. And what exactly would that look like?

For me, being in trust and in love means that you can trust that person with every part of your being. Knowing that they will help you flourish and prosper, knowing they will help you bring out your best self, knowing that they will be there to help and support you in anyway possible. Knowing that no matter what the task or how hard a situation, it is done, taken care of and visa verse. It means long talks about dreams, and the feeling of wanting and being wanted.

Trust is something that lately, I have thought alot about. Not because anyone has done anything, but because it has come to my attention that it’s most significant in any relationship you have. If trust is not there, no matter how much you love and care for someone, there is nothing. But I also have another view on this.

If you believe and trust in the Universe, then no one can change who you are. Yet time and time again I see it happen to so many, who give fully of themselves only to give up their power and sense of worthiness to another. They feel they trusted and loved another person and because of some kind of event, now they cannot. The problem is, they now hang onto this event in all of their relationships. They never let it go. They blame their trust and love issues on someone else. They never turn the mirror around to see why they hold onto that experience. What they don’t understand is that they choose to hold onto it, and instead, let go of trusting again. Doesn’t that seem backwards to you?

Then there are the issues of trusting someone to much. Knowing that time, and time again you give your trust back to someone hoping things will be different, only to have the same experience over and over. Why do you suppose that is? It’s because you are still holding onto the expereince, focusing on it. And how does the Universe answer? By giving you exactly what you are focusing on.

So now, look at the experience and decide whether or not you want to have that again or move onto something better.

I am asking you to look at your root of your trust. Do you trust yourself? Are you feeling worthy about who you are and what you can accomplish on your own? If you didn’t have someone you could trust in your life, what is it that you would trust in? But before you reevaluate your relationships, look inside and ask yourself “What does trust and love look like to me?”

Make sure that you love yourself, everyday. Make sure that you trust in the Universe. Dig deep and really look at your experiences. Take the chance and be brutally honest with yourself if necessary. Just look at the experience.

I did, and what I discovered were things I had long forgotten and could now let go of. They had nothing to do with anyone but me. I Let go. I trusted the Universe and myself enough to know that all is well and that trust is different in every relationship.

Trust yourself! Find out what’s within you that allows you to trust and love someone. Let go of the experiences that do not make you feel good. Then, take a deep breath. Trust in Universe, for it trusts in you. You will then be free to move forward and trust again.

Until next time…. Many blessings!

Clarity with Kandace
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