Top 5 Tips For Internet Dating

I had been internet dating for so long and had so many awkward and embarrassing stories, my friends kept telling me I should write a book. Of course, it would be a comedy! Through all of my experiences, I have learned what works and what does not. This is how I have come to collect the top 5 tips to internet dating.

Through all of my experiences (and yes, I promise to write about them later), I have learned a lot of things. Maybe you can learn from my…ummm…cough cough…mistakes.

Top 5 Tips For Internet Dating

internet dating tips1. MSN/Phone Chemistry rarely equals Physical Chemistry
The sooner you meet, the better. I have made this mistake more than once as some times distance can delay meeting someone right away.

I have spent hours and hours on the phone and MSN getting to know them…laughing and flirting…sharing stories and having a good time talking with them…only to meet for coffee finally and scalding my tongue because I could not drink my coffee fast enough to get out of there!

The first few times it happened, I was so surprised…as we got a long famously over the phone and I had seen pictures! How could there be no physical attraction?

Maybe it is pheromones or lack of pheromones…maybe it was body language I was picking up on that obviously I couldn’t over the phone…or maybe it was the fact that the picture they sent was from 10 years ago…who knows?

2. Be Honest
Don’t waste people’s time. If you have kids, say so. If you smoke, a non-smoker will smell it on you sooner or later. If you are 5’8”, don’t say you are 5’11”. If you are obese, don’t say your body type is average. If you are 48, don’t say you are 38.

My Dad always tells me that there is a lid for every pot. My boyfriend and I have an agreement that I get to be the lid because being the pot does not sound very sexy.

Be honest because the truth always comes out. To the right person, you are awesome. And to the wrong person…well, why would you want to be with the wrong person?

3. Listen to your Instincts
Trust your gut. If you think someone is being a player (because players are everywhere on internet dating sites), listen to your instincts. If you are not sure, take things slow.

I remember meeting this one guy named Bob. We met and there was total chemistry between us but my instincts said something was up (and not in a good way you dirty minded people!).

So I made sure things moved very slowing between us but that feeling just never went away even though I could not put my finger on what was causing me to feel that way.

I stopped seeing him after a few weeks as I knew better than to abandon my instincts. I found out later (a long story) that he was trying to play me and was dating a couple of other girls while he was telling me I was the only one.

4. Meet in a Public Place
Remember, these people are strangers. And even worse, strangers with bad intentions. Ted Bundy was described as very charming (I read a book about him). Most people that where acquaintances with him were shocked to find out he was a serial killer.

So be safe. Anyone that tries to meet in an unsafe place is not worth meeting.

5. Dont Use A Webcam
Don’t buy one and if you have one, do not tell your internet chat partner you have one. If I had a nickel for every time I saw a penis on the other end of a webcam, I would be a rich woman!

Luckily, through all of my good/bad/and funny dating experiences, I have met a wonderful man off of the internet and we have been dating for over a year…so yes, it is possible to find love over the keyboard.

I have met a lot of great guys through my internet dating experiences. I have also met a lot of not so great guys on dating sites. Of course, there will always be players and liars out there of both sexes so keep your wits about you. If you choose to use the internet dating sites to find companionship/love, be safe and have fun.

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