Top 10 Leg Exercises

I must admit that women are a bit wiser than most men in the sense that they realize the importance of working out their legs regularly. But their choice of leg exercises they perform really suck for the most part. Come on ladies, tell me you don’t head straight for the inner and outer thigh machine. Listen up ladies and gents! It’s time to take your leg training seriously. To help you out, my wife Angie and I have put together our top 10 leg exercises below…

These are not beginner exercises by any means. They are meant to challenge you and force your legs to become more like you desire. Many of the movements are performed with one leg and require balance.

Even if you struggle with the exercises at first, I encourage you to keep practicing until you get it. If my 87 year old client can do them I’m sure that you can work your way up to the challenge.

Top 10 Best Leg Exercises

  • Front Squat
  • Dead Lift
  • Split Squat
  • Reverse Lunge
  • Step Ups
  • 1 Leg Bench Squat
  • 1 Leg Stability Ball Leg Curl
  • Bulgarian Lunge
  • Deep-Partial Squat
  • 1 Leg Ball Squat Against The Wall

Angie and I put together a quick video to demonstrate each exercise.

[youtube O-TjAoomYT8 nolink]

As you can see, Angie and I performed each of the top 10 leg exercises from the comfort of our own home with very limited space and very limited amount of equipment.

If you have an 8×8 space with some dumbbells and a stability ball, you can get a phenomenal workout in that will sculpt your body.

Don’t let your workout program get stale. Avoid doing the same old circuits and working at the same old intensity or ‘lack thereof’. Challenge yourself. I dare you to choose 3 of these exercises right now and practice them for 15 minutes. Give it an honest effort and don’t allow yourself to get frustrated.

It’s time to take your fat loss journey to the next level. I know you’re ready!

Have an absolutely amazing day!

Scott Tousignant

Scott Tousignant, BHK, CFC is the creator of Unstoppable Fat Loss… “Empower Your Mind… And Your Body Will Follow”. Scott has also authored 2 books that are transforming the bodies of people around the world. The Fit Chic and The Fit Bastard not only contain a FULL YEAR of workouts, they provide intense motivation to drive you to fat loss success.