Strong Women: Barbie Barbell World Record Bench Press

Amanda Harris, also known as Barbie Barbell is see here setting her world record bench press. She pressed 187.6 pounds at a body weight of 112 pounds and being 17 years of age. I’m pretty sure those are the numbers for her age and weight. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

[youtube vsZ8peZoEA8 nolink]

Barbie Barbell is one strong woman. She’s an inspiration to girls all around the world as well as parents. Makes you want to spend more time on yourself, getting into shape, eating better and having your kids follow in your footsteps doesn’t it?

Even it the sport is not your type of thing, the dedication to her discipline, bench press, deadlifts and squats should leave you inspired. Where other kids are perfecting their wii, Barbie is moving weight around.

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