Review : Gymboss interval timer

This is a great little thing.

Although I first heard the name quite some time ago, it was only fairly recently that I began my foray into the world of interval training (more on that in a minute). For this type of session, the Gymboss is a perfect workout partner.

Gymboss Interval Timer
Before I talk about the device itself, let’s take a brief look at interval training.

What is interval training?

Interval training takes almost any cardiovascular exercise (running, cycling and so on) and incorporates alternating bursts of intense and moderate work. For example, on a stationary cycle you may pedal as fast as you can for 20 seconds; then continue at a much more modest pace for 10 seconds. Then 20 seconds flat out again. Keep repeating this for several minutes.

This form of training is believed by many to promote fat loss; and several studies (I’ve noted a couple of these below) support this line of thinking.

What does the Gymboss do? How does it help?

The tricky part of this style of training is often timing the intervals. Whilst you could just look at your watch or a clock, this takes your focus away from the task at hand. This is where the Gymboss steps in.

After telling the Gymboss how long you would like each interval, it will beep (or vibrate, or both) at you each time you need to switch from fast -> slow or vice-versa. This alarm will keep going off at the end of each interval as many times as you like.

Just to make life even easier, the Gymboss is small and clips to a belt (or anything else convenient). Very well designed, easy to use and exactly as I’d want it to be. Perfect.

Final thoughts

As Jim pointed out on Lean and Hungry Fitness (an excellent site, incidentally) :

I guarantee, 20 seconds has never felt so long, 10 seconds never so short, and four minutes never so painful.

Love it.


A couple of the studies I touched on above :

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