Poll: When Do You Find Time For Exercise?

Exercise can be done nearly any time of day. Morning Cardio or weight training can be done before work, on an empty stomach to burn more fat, or if you’re especially rushed, can be done over a lunch hour while at work. Popular gym times are also in the early evenings before supper as people working out are on their way home for the day. Then there are the evening trainers who get to their workouts after supper because it’s the only time they have left.

Stay at home moms find a way to fit exercise into their busy schedule in their basement, front room or improvise a workout at the park while the kids play on the jungle gym.

I’ve always said that there is no wrong time to train, just better times. Never exercise on a full stomach because your body is busy digesting and try not to exercise before bed because the body wants to settle down for the evening.

Everyone is different, we all have our reasons for training when we do. It fits into our schedule, it’s easier, or we have to get it done before the end of the day to support our goals.

I’m curious:


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