New Years Resolutions and Goal Setting Tips

New Years Eve thoughts turn to New Years Resolutions and with it, all sorts of manifesting and “law of attraction” principles. Whether or not you know of the law of attraction, or manifesting tips or techniques, I’m sure you set out some goals for the new year.

Looking back over 2007 here on the blog, the writers and I have posted what turned out to be some really great law of attraction and manifesting tips that I’d like to return your attention to before you write your new years goals.

Law of Attraction Principles For New Years Resolutions

weight loss

Weight Loss

The hidden secret to the movie “The Secret” is a very simple principle. It’s about taking action. My post this summer in regards to the was about exactly that. You can think about it all you want, learn about what to do, buy all the expensive gym memberships or home fitness equipment, but until you Get Off Your Ass and get to work, all the wishing, thinking, dreaming, meditation and goal setting isn’t going to result in an ounce of muscle being built or a pound of fat being burned. Most new years resolutions start with a great goal in mind, but wind down just a few short days or weeks later. Getting the body you want in the new year is going to require a bit more work than that. Read my thoughts on .



the attractor factor for new years

How The Attractor Factor Works

I had picked up Joe Vitale’s book The Attractor Factor and wrote about it a few times over the summer. On one post, I gave away four copies of it to lucky readers who left a comment describing what they wanted and how their life would be better if they got what they wanted. At one point, a reader asked to give an example of , so I gave an example.

I could not recommend Joe Vitale’s “The Attractor Factor” more. Pick up a copy.




vision boards

Vision Boards

In his article about Applying the Law of Attraction, Personal Trainer Scott Tousignant shares an excellent video about and discusses how the Power Of Visualization can really improve your attraction methods. Being able to clearly see what it is that you’re in the process of manifesting, or what your goals are can make the ever important link in your brain and literally pull you towards your goals or desires. In the post, Scott says

I encourage you to bombard your mind with the images, thoughts, and feelings of the goals that you expect to accomplish.



vision boards

How To Manifest Anything You Want

Kandace followed up Scott’s vision board article with some manifesting tips for creating exactly what it is that you want in your life. She leads off with Believing and Expecting and follows up with the ever powerful letting go of knowing how it’s all going to come to be.

There is as much power in letting go as there is in taking action to begin with.

Once you’ve finished with these , your new years goals should be a mere action step away.



weight loss


A very important principle in The Secret or in the Law of Attraction is in being grateful for what you have now. More often than not, we’re in a far better place than someone else. If you’re reading this, you have a roof over your head and an internet connection. That’s a far cry better than struggling to put food on the table or keep warm. My weekly tips for this week in the summer was about and seems to compliment Kandace’s thoughts on manifesting anything you want.



Super Accelerating The Attraction Process

Putting the power of your mind to the task of manifesting is critical to your success. To have what you want and to create the life you desire rests squarely on your shoulders… or more specifically, squarely in your mind.

What if you could super accelerate your results?

What if it was as simple as tapping into your brain’s specific frequency and then tweaking them with science in as little as 30 minutes a day.

That’s exactly what the is all about. A simple technique that harness’s your mind’s ability to visualize what you want right before bed and then to take massive action on it first thing in the morning.

I don’t think it could be any simpler. Check out The from Stephen Pierce.

I hope these law of attraction principle’s from the summer of 2007 help you this New Years Eve with your New Years Resolutions for 2008. If you really want to create massive change in your life, it’s as simple as becoming as clear as you can about what you want, trusting, being grateful, letting go and taking action. Have a great New Years and may all your wishes come true

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