Naughty Halloween Costumes

When is the last time you tried something new in your relationship? And to be even more specific, when is the last time you tried something new in the bedroom?

A naughty Halloween costume might be the excitement you need for this time of year. You can have a bunch of fun leading up to Halloween and even possibly wear it to an upcoming Halloween party.

To get full use out of your Halloween costume, why not use it for a little role playing? It is a lot easier than you might think…Yes, I am talking to you! Here are some ideas to get you started…

sexy Halloween costume

Sexy Pirate

Enough to to turn on your man so that you can play with his sword

Slutty Nurse

Everyone should have a full physical once a year…and the sooner the better!

French Maid

So many dirty dirty places to clean…especially the night table…open the drawer and pull out some interesting items.

Bar Maid

Spilling drinks and having customers remove their wet clothing is a common occurrence in some places.

Did you think I was going to forget the men? Not a chance!

Savage Pirate

Attempt to kidnap her from her bedroom…but before that can happen, there might be some tying up to do…

Corrupt Police Officer

A full body search will be in order before you can remove the suspect from the premises.

Be prepared

Have an idea of the things you are going to say in your role and things you are going to make them do. Trick them into the bedroom by telling them you need help with something.

Except your partner to be surprised…and even a little resistant if you as a couple have never done this before. Be prepared to take control of the situation and stay focused on staying in role. Tell them to lie down on the bed while you dust the room, check their temperature, put fake handcuffs on them, etc.

Now realize you may laugh or fumble around with what to say. That is ok and is all part of the fun! But never slip back into being you…until…well…you’ll know when…

Expect the Unexpected

Sometimes things do not always go as planned…and if that is the case, just roll with it.

Last December, I had instructed my boyfriend that when he arrived, I would be upstairs in the spare bedroom wrapping gifts…and that I wouldn’t be able to answer the door…that he should just throw his bag in the bedroom when he arrived.

I had it all planned and I was waiting on the bed as he opened the bedroom door…what I had not planned on was his Jack Russell dog entering the room first…going air borne and landing on my stomach…winding me!

Needless to say, I recovered quickly and the dog was thrown out of the room. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

So throw a little spice into your relationship…try something new…step outside of your comfort zone. Expect to feel a little uncomfortable the first time you role play…And no one will look at you twice for shopping for a role playing outfit this naughty Halloween! Maaaa Waaaa Ha Ha!

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