Investing In Yourself Podcast

I got an email from a reader asking about The Cellular Patch and whether or not I actually use them and endorse them. The price of this device came into question at $100 for a month’s supply which got me thinking about the topic for this week’s podcast, investing in yourself.

I invest in myself each and every month. I purchase books, audio’s, food products, nutritional formula’s, The Cellular Patch, organic food and personal development courses.

If I can get even once piece of information out of a book or a course that I can apply to my life and improve, then it’s well worth it.

Then, to compound on the success of that “piece of information”, I get to use this blog to tell you about it as well, thus possibly changing another life if you take action on the recommendation.

I recommend things.

This week’s podcast is about investing in yourself because YOU, dear reader are important.


Links mentioned in the podcast: Burn The Fat, Millionaire Mind Intensive, The Cellular Patch, Sunrider Foods

I invest in myself because how I’m my most important commodity. My body and my brain are here to serve me.

I truly hope that you invest in yourself as well

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m reading too much into these couple of emails that I got. What’s the standard opinion out there?
Please, leave a comment. Do you invest in yourself? Do you buy books, magazines, subscribe to things that cost money? Do you eat a particular line of nutritional products like Sunrider yourself?

Leave a comment, I’d like to know

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