Introducing My Life Coach Kandace Montealegre

I’m a big guy, 240 pounds.. I train 6 days a week of both cardio and weight training.. I eat steaks, chicken, eggs and lots of vegetables and good fats. I’m a Red Stripe in Taekwondo and I’m about to begin boxing. I’ve meditated for 10 years, read self help books, invest in personal development programs on a yearly basis and I’ve just taken on a life coach. Yep, the big guy has hired a life coach. I decided that for those days of confusion when the shit hits the fan or I just can’t figure out what the hell is going on, I wanted to talk to an expert who could help me through it and to figure it all out. Hence Kandace from Clarity With Kandace came into my life.

I am committed to being my best, and in doing so hire the best in the fields of their expertise. I have a personal trainer who creates my training programs, I have an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner who helps me with my emotional baggage when I have issues there. I have a naturopathic doctor or what I’m calling my Inner Biochemist. I have a skydiving coach that helps me with my skydiving skills and when the time is right, I’ll hire a full time chef to prepare my meals for me.

And now I’ve taken on a life coach.

Why? Because I don’t have to figure it all out myself. I want results and I want results now. I have modeled people for years and duplicate what they do because I believe it’s the best way to get results in the most efficient manor. I don’t have to spend hours and hours or wasted money on trying things anymore, I just go to the expert and have them do what they do best. In doing so, I save TONS of money, time and effort. I’ve taken the approach of “effortlessness” if that’s even a word.

This blog is going through a transformation.

I have readers write me to tell me that they model what I’m doing and ask questions of me about what it is that I eat, how I train, what I read, what whole food supplements I use and about the little health and fitness gadgets I use to become better, stronger, leaner and a better person.

I have made a request to many of the experts that I use or those that I know are of the highest integrity and are personal friends or colleagues to write for this community so that you may learn from them as well.

Over the next weeks and months, I will be introducing them one by one as you watch their posts, thoughts and audio clips come out here on the blog. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my life coach Kandace Montealegre who I met through her MySpace account a few months ago. Kandace sent out a broadcast advertising her introductory rate for her services and I decided to look her up through her website Clarity With Kandace .

Well, I was in need of clarity on a variety of subjects including the mental state I was in, things that were going on with my cat who was pooping in the bathtub all the time and my relationship status (or lack thereof). I went to her website and found that later that day she was holding her free weekly conference call, open to anyone, and that I would be able to call in, listen and get to know her and what she was about.

I called in, listened, participated and then booked a session for the next day.

What I learned blew me out of the water.

She totally knew my cats, and described why Boo was pooping in the tub. I took action on changing the cat litter brand because Boo didn’t like the feel of the cat litter. She didn’t like stepping on “that stuff” and pooped in the tub instead. As a side note, I had talked with Boo myself and told her that it was completely ok for her to poop in the tub as an option to the litter box. I feel that it’s the second best option, and Boo listened. I learned more about my cats as well and put some things to rest. nice.

I found out that my dad’s spirit is here in my apartment with me and realized that Kandace was in touch with him. She was able to describe him to a tee and it was good to know what he had to say.

I found out that I had met someone that was to become the woman in my life. I acted on what Kandace had suggested and it brought this new woman and I closer together. After getting to know one another through facebook, emails and phone calls, we’re now a couple.. Darlene and I. I am very very happy with exactly who Darlene is and she accepts me for exactly who I am. Its perfect.

Kandace is an amazing soul.

kandace life coachI asked her if she would be willing to write for this blog, to teach others about the message in “The Secret“, to teach about beliefs, changing beliefs, about improving your own intuition and anything else that she feels she wants to share.

She readily accepted.

Kandace will be a regular contributor to this blog and community in the upcoming weeks, months and years writing on Wednesdays as part of the motivation, success, “make you think” theme.

I did a short intro with Kandace via Skype. Please have a listen and subscribe to the blog posts via email using the little form in the upper right hand side of the blog so you wont miss any of her writings.


Visit Kandace’s website at Clarity With Kandace and make sure you tune in to her Free Thursday Night introductory conference call. You’ll be glad you did

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