Incredible Upper Body Strength

This is an incredible example of the sort of upper body strength that is possible when the human body is worked and properly nourished. You can clearly see that this man does not have the traditional build of a bodybuilder, yet has the strength of one.

[youtube ErV3tZ3g6Vo]

This is the power of functional muscle, being able to use your body in a functional way. You the reader may not want to be able to do what he does, but at the very least, you can appreciate that he’s much stronger in a broader range of motions than Mr Olympia or Mr Universe.

Where bodybuilders can curl a dumbbell or barbell, or squat 700 pounds, this man is able to use his body in various ways that would probably cause the biggest to fail.

Functional muscle rules!

Of course, should have known, he’s a Cirque du Soleil member. His website is Dominic Lacasse

Thanks to The Fit Blog via MyBlogLog

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