How Emotional Freedom Technique Can Reduce The Stress In Your Life.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can reduce stress the stress in your life including the fear of public speaking. They say the Fear of Public Speaking is the fear that affects most people today and if you have ever had the misfortune to be in front of many or few of your peers and have had to fight for breath control, to wrestle with your heart rate, try to dry your sweaty palms and pits and plead with your tongue to just speak clearly and slowly, you can relate to those folks to attempt to do it regularly. Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple method you can learn yourself, takes only a few short minutes before you stand up to speak and calms all fears of sounding stupid and feeling worse.

EFT can do all that and more. It works especially for the fear of public speaking and has a money back guarantee.

Emotional Freedom Technique And Work Stress

emotional freedom technique stressWhat about the stress you have at work? The job itself is enough to drive a person to drink and then there’s your boss!! The boss is never happy, you never get enough done, or do it right. Well then what about the jerks that you work with? Do they get a kick out of pushing you over the edge? And if you are the boss, can you believe the childish pre-schoolers that you hired and thought they were competent? You run a business not a kindergarten. Sometimes it’s hard to be enthused about getting up to face the day. What if you could wake up with a desire to live life as an adventure not a drudgery? EFT can do that! What if you loved the work you do? EFT can do that too! And the boss, are you saying EFT can make the boss a Joy to work with? Yes, that’s right? And those jerks you work with as well. Now really, we really can’t change anyone else or make them go away, but with EFT you can change how you see your world and all things in it and who else’s stress are you concerned about anyway?

Stress You Can Relate To

Here’s some stresses that Emotional Freedom Technique will work with and that you can relate to:

  • A nagging wife
  • An uncommunicative husband
  • An out of control teenager
  • A howling infant
  • The mother-in-law

Again, if you can’t change anyone else and EFT has the ability to assist you to change why not have it work in several other areas of your life?

Where EFT Can Help

  • Losing weight
  • Improving your score (golf, hockey, soccer, curling, weight-lifting, etc.)
  • Increase your academic marks
  • Improve your relationship with your family
  • Improve your relationship with your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, husband or wife

Yup, EFT does all that and then some. What would you think about living without your constant pain, headaches, allergies, depression, constipation, insomnia?

You name it, EFT works on it, emotional or physical.

All these stresses are called energy disruptions.

Energy Disruptions

What’s an energy disruption? Our energy travels along pathways called meridians and when things are going great our energy soars. When we are dealing with our stresses as above, that energy gets disrupted and we feel it as stress. Albert Einstein stated in the 1920’s that “Everything is made up of Energy”, scientists of today will even go along with that, they just haven’t taken it to the extent of the human energy system. EFT is a combination of Eastern and Western research and development.

It’s like Emotional Acupuncture.

How do we smooth the energy out? Emotional Freedom Technique.

You name the stress (disruption) and EFT goes to work quickly and easily smoothing out that energy disruption.

emotional freedom technique tapping pointsThe tapping points that smooth out the disruptions of stress are located around the eyes, under the nose, on the chin, collarbone, under the arms, on top of the head and the side of the hand. Why these points? This is where the energy meridians, which are connected to various organs, come close to the surface of the skin. So for instance, if you had an upset stomach you could tap under your eye for 2 – 3 minutes and the stomach ache would be gone. If the cause of the pain in the stomach was from some underlying emotional issue (can’t stomach your “ex”) you would just have to tap longer.

What else that is really incredible is that EFT uses the same technique no matter what the disruption. If it was a migraine that you went to a medical Doctor for you might be prescribed Tylenol, if it were depression they might suggest Prozac or Valium. There is a different medication for each stress or dis-ease of the body.

EFT uses only tapping for every stress, it’s simple and easy and you can do it to and for yourself, no trips to the pharmacy at 2:00 a.m.. Tapping on the locations as mentioned above will smooth out the disruption of a migraine, depression, constipation, the boss is a jerk and so are the people I work with, poor marks or scores, allergies, you name it, EFT works successfully on it. EFT works on the disruption of the body’s energy system no matter what the cause, smooths it out and lets you get back to living life as it is meant to be lived, with ease and grace and FUN.

The movie The Secret tells you about energy disruptions such as living on the streets, fearing for your life, being hounded by bills and more bills, having things stolen from you etc.etc., those are all major disruptions in your energy system and 3 of the cast members of The Secret used Emotional Freedom Technique to remove those disruptions and tap their way to the lives of abundance and Joy they are living today.

EFT is the SECRET to The Secret.

It’s one thing to wish for success and money but if your energy disruptions and beliefs are keeping you stuck then know that EFT tapping can smooth out and stress and disruption in your life and put you on easy street. What if something this simple could make the difference in your life between hating to get up in the morning and jumping out of bed to greet the day; or finding fulfilling work with people you love and appreciate and coming home to a warm loving family who also know how to tap out the disruptions of their stressful day so that you really can all be a happy family?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple tapping method of reducing and getting rid of the stresses in your life that keep you chained to the old stuck way of life. Try it on Everything. It works.