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How can you be sure what you really believe in when there are so many things out there that are drawing your attention. It’s getting to the point were most of you are choosing to believe in nothing rather than believing in something. By my definition what you believe in at your very core, is why you exist. Take a moment to explore this with me, if we were to take out everything we have learned, what we should or shouldn’t believe in, and just leave it up to how we felt about something don’t you think our vibrations would raise to new heights? The very freedom you could feel and all because it is up to you how you feel about it. beliefs

I was raised Catholic, in a typical Catholic home, went to a typical Catholic grade school and none of it ever seemed right to me. I like the stories but to me that’s all they were. I knew there had to be more to all of this. Can you imagine living in a home where fire and brimstone, and heaven and hell were brought up as disciplinary actions on a constant basis, all the while knowing it just didn’t matter. It was scary enough but lets face it none of that would have changed what I was feeling. I some how knew that no matter what it was that they were going to do to me had any bearing on what I believed or who I was. It seemed to me that everything that our religion was based upon was about a higher power that was out there in the sky somewhere. Somewhere we could never even see or go to unless we gave up most of who we were. Now I ask you, if we are supposed to come here and be happy, then why do you suppose a higher power would ask us to do without, ask us to mask or be less than who we really are?

As soon as I got out of grades school I stopped going to church as much and began to just float with my beliefs, while doing some research for myself. I would go to different churches with my friends just to see if there was anymore to what they were learning. NOPE! There was nothing. I felt like I was in my own little world of believing what I wanted to and it worked for me. I mean, that is what belief is anyway right. If it works for you and is powerful enough for you then that is what you resonate with. One day my sister and I were talking about different beliefs and quickly realized all of these years we had both believed the same things. She pulled out a book called “Conversations with God” and told me that this is where I would find some of what I had been searching for. I started to read it after she left and Oh my gosh! This was it! All of my questions, had answers and what I had always believed were right there staring me in the face. Oh the relief and excitement we unbelievable. it felt great to know there were others like me. Now, here is where it gets interesting, I still knew there was more. I know, never satisfied. Not true, I was just still learning and egar to know it all.

It was about a year ago I went on a trip to the mall with my family and we came across a book store so I went inside. I was actually looking for a Sylvia Brown book to read but in my search across the shelf could not find anything that resonated with me. However, I had placed my hand on this small book 3 times. “Ok I get it” I said out load so I got the book. My fiance’ asked me if I knew what it was about and I told him no but if I put my hand on it 3 times then it’s something I need to read. I had no idea that in this little book would change my life. This little book was called “The Secret”. Talk about changing overnight, knowing that the life you were living was created by you and that what you have always believed in was right on.

You see I always knew that when I wanted something, somehow it came about. I never knew it was called the Law of Attraction. How cool was this. I had to share this with everyone. Why weren’t more people believing this? My friends looked at me like I was nuts but, I got them to read it! I didn’t care what they thought as long as they were getting it. Now my life is much happier than it has ever been. I am no longer in the dark, but will always remain in learning mode. Everyone should always leave themselves open to learning more and more because you never know how that may change your life and what you believe in.

On occasion, as we travel on this journey together, I will channel in an old Atlantien who I have come to know as Thoth. He resonates with me and will often come through when my friend Julie and I are talking. I decided to channel him in on this particular article because we have talked about this before when he has come through for a visit so I wanted you to hear what he had to say.


Believing in yourself is one of the most important things to believe in. You yourself have the power to change anything you want, make life what you want and it has nothing to do with anything else in the world you have around you today. Most of you have been here before and now have returned to learn a new lesson of enlightenment. You have come back at a perfect time. You will be the window to where others have stood before. The beginning of a new age where people can imagine what they are wanting and achieve that to perfection. Things of your time move very quickly and so your beliefs have been altered. There is no structure to what you believe in anymore. The disruption of faith and time are constant. There is an awakening happening in this time today. Wake your minds, remember who you are. You are now awake and free to remember for yourself that all is good. The veil between dimensions is thin, it is very easy at this time to reach a higher level of awareness. These things that are happening around you as we speak are moving things forward into the knowing. The world as we knew it is changing constantly and so are the vibrations of many. Be quick to learn and take action. Manifest to your hearts content. Believe in what you know to be true. You are the Source. That will be all…

So I will leave you now with the thoughts of what you truly feel that you believe. Listen to your true self, not what you have been told or taught and decide for yourself that which you resonate with. Until next time…

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