Dangers Of Fluoride

Here is a great video on the dangers of fluoride, showing how the fluoride program is linked to the US Nuclear program, how original fluoride safety documents were biased and how dangerous fluoride actually is.

According to Jacqueline Kittrell, Public interest lawyer, in a statement in 1997, said “The documents indicate that the University of Rochester’s fluoride research …. Was performed in anticipation of lawsuits against the bomb program for human injury. Studies undertaken for litigation purposes by the defendants would not be considered scientifically acceptable today, because of their inherent bias to prove the chemical [fluoride] safe”

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I first became aware of this whole fluoride conspiracy and cover up after starting my weight loss journey back in 1991. Harvey Diamond discusses the danger of fluoride in his book Fit for Life and Fit for Life 2. As he described it, fluoride is just a waste material of metal filings. Any waste material that could be sold, and shown to be healthy would prove to be profitable.

As you’ll see in the video, a number of Canadian and American aluminum manufacturers, US steel, other corporate sponsors and the National Institute of Dental Research funded the research on fluoride toxicity and it’s role in public health.

What were they selling? Fluoride of course.

How would the research be swayed?

Towards Fluoride of course

Watch the video.

I use that contains NO sugars and NO fluoride, in case you’re interested.