3 Weight Loss Tips – Play With Your Foods

3 Tips Friday, a collection of weight loss tips that you can take action on today and be 3 days ahead of your friends who start things on Mondays. Each Friday, I publish 3 weight loss tips or fitness tips that allow you to take steps towards you ultimate physique today. Taking action is one of the main themes of this blog and my weight loss forum. There is a saying that Knowledge Is Power, however, it is my belief that Knowledge In Action Is Power. Take action. Begin today.

Weight Loss Tips – Playing with your food

The idea here is to test small changes to your weight loss program. Make a small tweak in your diet and then monitor the results on your body fat. I call this “playing with your food”

Increase Your Protein Intake – proteins are essential building blocks for living systems—hence their name, drawn from the Greek proteios, or “holding first place”. The power of protein cannot be denied and simply by adding a little protein to each meal, you increase your fat burning capability. More protein equals more fat burnt.

Two ounces of protein is a little less than 200 calories according to Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program. Begin by adding one or two ounces of lean chicken breast to each of your meals. The total calories would be 300 to 600 for the day, but the thermogenic effect of eating it burns more fat than the calories you consume. Tom’s trademarked phrase is “Eat More Burn More“. Try it for 21 days. Monitor your results

Properly Combine Your FoodsFit for life author Harvey Diamond taught me about food combining. Food combining, otherwise known as natural hygiene was even practiced and taught by Henry Ford, the inventor of the Model T. The idea is that you can greatly improve your digestion and release enormous amounts of energy stored as fat on your body by simply combining your foods properly. Do not eat Starches and proteins together. You can eat protein and vegetables together or starches and vegetables, but not protein and starches. Choose chicken breast and vegetables as your primary food meals for say 2 meals a day. Make this one change and apply it for 21 days and monitor your results. For more information about food combining listen to my free interview with Harvey Diamond.
weight loss tips eliminate bananas
Eliminate Banana’s From Your Diet – Simple. I used to eat 1 single banana every day at 11:30 am before I had my lunch. I ate it by itself, according to the principles of proper fruit consumption and then had my lunch about an hour later. I heard that bananas had a lot of sugar in them and were very mucous forming. I didn’t believe it. It’s a natural food. I was told that by eliminating them I’d drop a few pounds, so I decided to prove him wrong. I proved him right. I lost 5 pounds in two weeks by eliminating this one single banana. Will it work for you? Dunno? Try it for 21 days, monitor the results and report back in the comments.

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