3 Weight Loss Tips

Every Friday is day here at Former Fat Guy Blog and the 3 weight loss tips for today are about white foods. I rarely if ever recommend removal of foods from diet, but rather take the approach of increasing and improving the foods we eat. I teach my clients to focus on increasing whole foods and making new habits. By increasing whole food consumption, the bad habits simply get pushed aside as there’s no room anymore.

I feel that today’s 3 weight loss tips simply have to be stated for effect, so I am.

3 Weight Loss Tips – Remove White Foods

Remove White Flour Foods

White bread, white pasta, white rice, white crackers, pancake mix, tortilla’s, buns, anything made with white flour should simply be tossed out (or given to your local homeless shelter or food bank). White flour products are broken down too quickly in your stomach and turned to sugar too fast.

Remove White Sugar

First to go should be the big bag of sugar that you’ve got lurking in the cupboard, then anything that includes white sugar such as drink mixes (frozen and powdered), Pop (of course), hot chocolate mix, flavored instant breakfast mixes, boxed breakfast cereals and all the thousands of other places sugar is hidden in your home. To be honest, if there’s a product in your cupboard that isn’t a dry bean or grain, it should only be a spice – nothing else. If it’s in a box it’s not a food and should not be used to fuel your body.

Remove White Salt

It’s my opinion as well as many others, that the only salt you should be putting in your body is Celtic sea salt. I use Real Salt brand salt, but any Celtic sea salt will do fine.

The first 2 of the weight loss tips are all about reducing the amount of sugar in your blood stream. The more sugar you remove from entering your body, the more chances your body has to use your fat as fuel. Do you want to burn fat or burn sugar? If fat is the answer, then remove the white flour and white sugar.

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