What kind of equipment is required for this …

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What kind of equipment is required for this program?

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    In the past 6 months, I have placed in the top 10 for total pounds lifted, total number of workouts, and this last month number of cardio minutes at my local YMCA. I started spinning at 5:30 am just before the new years, looking for something to kickstart fat loss.

    I have stayed within five pounds plus and minus of 260lbs during this time. I eat fairly decent, not a lot of refined foods (my kids are on a gluten free diet, so I am as well), get plenty of protein (my recovery shake is milk, yogurt, fruit and whey) and water.

    On top of this I mountain bike, do kung fu, do yoga and hit the heavy bag.

    I’m sitting at 260lbs, 23% BF at 6’2″. I’d like to drop that percentage by about 8 points….

  • Educate Before You Vaccinate
    Hi Rob,

    My son has a diagnoses on the Autistic spectrum. National Autism Association considers autism a disease. I do not agree with this group.


  • Poll: Does Weight Watchers Really Work?
    I lost weight doing weight watchers, but I didn’t have the energy to exercise. I do not think it is very well suited for an active 20 something looking to lose 30-40lbs with exercise.
  • Buying your first kettlebell
    my thoughts too… they are a little posh and too light in weight for me, but next time I go buy I’ll snap a pic and get more info on the price and the weights.
  • Buying your first kettlebell
    Target is now carrying kettlebells in 3 different weights.