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The Rapid Fat Loss program Metabolic Surge takes fat burning to a whole new level as it literally uses the stored energy in your fat to build muscle. Under the right training and nutritional conditions, your body has the capability of actually building muscle while burning tremendous amounts of fat. In fact, under these conditions, your body can actually use your own bodyfat to provide the energy for building that muscle, practically DOUBLING the speed of fat loss!

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nick nilsson metablic surge rapid fat lossDuring the week of February 2 through February 6th 2009 (Mon to Friday this week), Nick Nilsson and I are giving away a free copy of all his fitness books and programs starting with Metabolic Surge.

This is NOT for the timid and should only be applied by anyone already in good to extreme shape already.

A Fat-Loss Program That Actually Allows You To Build Strength AND Muscle? How Is That Possible?

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It’s possible with a scientifically-designed program that harnesses and applies the real power of your own natural metabolism.

With the right training and nutrition, your body is fully capable of building muscle even when on a fat-loss program. You see, your body reacts to certain nutrients and certain training styles in very predictable ways.

By exploiting your body’s natural reactions, the right program not only maximizes the positive fat-burning and muscle-building effects of Growth Hormone, it also maximizes the anabolic effects of Insulin while minimizing Insulin’s possible negative impact on fat burning.

It’s a combination that has the potential to transform your body in a remarkably short period of time!

The training part of it combines elements of low repetition / high intensity training along with short duration cardiovascular intervals. Your body is constantly moving, switching back and forth between weight training exercises and cardio exercises for the duration of your workout.

During your rest periods for your weight lifting, you’ll be doing cardio and while resting for your cardio, you’ll be doing weight training – for 45 minutes.

It forces your body to burn calories continuously during the workout which dramatically increases your metabolism leading to increased fat burning long after the workout is finished. More so than either the weights or the cardio alone.

For an example of this type of training, have a look at a sample day of Metabolic Surge.

You can print that out and take it with you to the gym for your next workout.

The training program along with the nutritional manipulation make rapid fat loss while building muscle a reality. Normally, one would build muscle, and then cut up afterwards.

Again, this is ONLY for the advanced athlete who has a good base of fitness prowess already.

There is a protein principle in his nutritional program that really shook my beliefs. I still use it once a week at the very least and will continue to.

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Tell me why you must have this program in the comment section. Over the weekend, I’ll be choosing one person who has left the most compelling comment and send their email to Nick for a free copy. We’ll be doing this all week, with a new program every day, so stay come back and leave a comment. Subscribe to the rss feed too, for instant delivery of the blog post.

that’s it… leave a comment telling me why you should have this rapid fat loss and muscle building program, and it could be yours.

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and the winner is Ryan Evans – Comment #11. Thank you for everyone who participated in this giveaway.

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