Youre Only Human

Anytime you try to do something new, you’re guaranteed to stumble along the way and it’s a part of the learning process. Realize that part of being human means that we’re not perfect and remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Learn to recognize your triggers and then put together a plan to beat them. Knowing what leads you to over eat is the first step in overcoming it.

Discover what is preventing you from eating well or from staying on plan. Remember, eating well for many of us isn’t something that we learn as a child or even as an adult. For some of us, it came later in life. The paths you choose will teach you more about yourself then you realize. Learn from each mistake and move forward.

Our Mothers watched us tumble and fall before we took our first steps alone. Tears came and frustration. Why would now be any different? Dust yourself off and get back to it!

Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Where do I want to be?”

Being Human Means Not Having To Be Perfect

I was talking with Rob about my not so perfect eating habits lately and he asked me,

Would it be ok if you don’t eat perfect all the time?


I hesitated and said yes.

I reflect on what was said during that conversation. I was continually beating myself up over making mistakes instead of recognizing my errors and taking action. It was easier to throw in the towel and fall back into poor eating habits that felt comfortable then to once again get ‘back in the saddle’ which means work. I have now realized that eating healthy will contribute to the results I am looking for and yes, hard work.

I am not alone. There are others that struggle on their journey. Jessie battled with a plateau on her weight loss and every man or woman I know battles similar challenges as myself at one time or another in their life. Remember, you’re not alone.There is someone out there who is feeling the way you do and experiencing the same challenges. I guarantee it. You have a support system and you might not even know it.

Remind yourself of your goals and why you are on this journey. For me it is: I am ready to change. I want to be healthy and I want to live my life. Most importantly, I’m doing this for no one but MYSELF.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to get back to it as soon as you can. Every now and then we need the “do over”. Here’s your chance to continue where you left off…

Get back in the saddle!

Recognizing your triggers will help you overcome your obstacles. For me, stress and exhaustion lead to overeating. My body was sending the signals and I was reading them as being hungry. I conditioned myself into doing this and it felt good so in fact, it was a habit I formed.

4 Ways To Beat Overeating

  1. Make healthy food choices: When I am stressed, I now find other ways to use my energies and by eating healthy foods I find that I am not getting as stressed out as easily.
  2. Eat at regular intervals: Eating regularly controls blood sugars that can get out of control and only add to my stress.
  3. Drink more water: My exhaustion was caused by a number of things. One of them was, to my surprise not consuming enough water. I was dehydrated which caused me to be tired. Now, when I am tired, I make sure I am hydrated and if its rest I feel I need, I rest!
  4. Meal planning: Meal planning has really helped me reduce my amount of fast food and processed foods. Quite often, I’d rely on fast foods that sabotaged my plan for a quick fix when I had no time to prepare a meal. Now I make sure I have meals on hand, ready to go and always have fresh fruit and veggies in my refrigerator. They are a must and I miss them when they aren’t there.

Try Something New

Maybe something isn’t working for you in your plan. What caused you to ‘fall off the wagon”? Are you bored with your menu? Sometimes changing one item you are eating or trying something you haven’t tried eating before can revive your existing plan. I’ve read Rob’s story about his weight loss and his journey has involved many different foods. Back in November, for one week I became a vegetarian which was very eye opening. I realized that I didn’t need all my vitamins and proteins to come from meat. Until that point, I was eating meat two times a day! I felt revitalized, energized and excited to try new fruits, vegetables and legumes. Now, I consume less meat and my eating is more balanced.

Just because you’re watching what you eat and making healthier choices doesn’t mean you have to stop eating some of the foods you truly enjoy. Why not substitute items and tweak which will make you happier with your choices instead of leaving you feeling guilty about what you ate? I have more thoughts on this later in an upcoming post.

Consider the changes you have made and celebrate them! Why discredit your successes? Ask yourself if your goals are realistic. Setting unrealistic goals are guaranteed to set you up for disappointment. We live in a society that wants it now and is incredibly impatient. Ask yourself, how long did it take to get to where I am now? Instant gratification can be great but in the world of having a healthier body, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Baby, you’ve come a long way!

Today I enjoy meals made with whole foods and have eliminated processed foods from my kitchen. I am not longer relying on pain medications to relieve my body aches and pains. I feel healthier, have more energy, my moods are balanced and have prevented UN wanted weight gain. My body measurements have decreased by five inches and every day led to a 5 pound weight loss.

Gratitude Challenge

This week, I challenge you everyday to write down things that you are grateful for. This idea came from the book, “The Secret” and will help you focus you energies. Not only are you transforming your body but also your mind whether you realize it or not…

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