Whos Writing For The Blog – Writer Showcase

There are eleven writers that wrote for the blog this year, some full time, some part time and some very part time. I’d like to begin 2008 by introducing three of them and showcasing a few of their articles. Each Monday in January will feature a few more so that you can become familiar with them and what they write about. As we head into the new year, I’m actively looking for new writers in the area’s of Relationships, Fitness, Personal Training and Emotional Freedom Technique. If that sounds like you, contact me.


Kristine :Kristine is my ultra homeopathic physician, and rather than spending a lot of time re-wording what it is that she does to me, I though I’d ask her to share her work in her own words. Thus, :Kristine’s first few articles were on the and metabolic imbalances, what they mean and how to eat for each type. She specifically wanted to share her knowledge about or blindly as well as the . Her schedule got busy again and her articles became less frequent, but she was able to share her thoughts on the (and avoiding) and got started on an article series about .


DarleneDarlene’s mission is “to share her artistic talents to inspire people to see beauty and to experience self love and ultimate health.” She does this by creating wonderful whole food meals each week, photographing them and then sharing the recipe with us (and I get to eat it!). These are meals that we actually eat each week, so before you ask us if we’ve made the recipe – if it’s photographed – we made it. January is bean and legume month here at the blog and Darlene’s last few recipes were Hummus, Moroccan Chicken and a staple in our house, Red Lentil Dahl. In December, Darlene wanted to show that you can create a healthy Christmas Dinner by putting a slight spin on traditional recipes. Her version included cranberry salsa, cranberry salad dressing and creamed sweet potatoes without the dairy. The cranberry salad dressing was a big hit and we’ve kept it around for the new year as well. I highly recommend it.


KandaceI met Kandace through MySpace. She added me as a friend because she saw good energy in my photo. I didn’t know her from Adam, but one fateful day a few months later, I answered one of her broadcast messages advertising a deal she had on “readings”. I called into her free Thursday night conference call and got a feel for her. I booked an appointment for the next day and it changed my life. After speaking with her, it was clear that she was to write for this blog and so she has. Kandace offered Manifesting Tips, putting trust back in your relationship and sexual energy and the law of attraction among her many posts.