Top 10 Super Foods

One consideration for good health is that of increasing the amount of nutrient rich food that we consume. If our diet is filled with high nutrient density foods like kale, collards, turnip greens or bok choy, then our body is satisfied, has less cravings and eats less. The weight loss implications of this are easy to understand because with high nutrient density foods, we are more fulfilled on less calories.

The following 10 super foods are based on Dr Joel Fuhrman’s research. The more of these you can put into your diet, the way they were brought to you (raw or lightly cooked), the better your health should be.

Top 10 Super Foods

super food kale

  1. Collard, mustard & turnip greens – Nutrient Score: 1000
  2. Kale – Nutrient Score: 1000
  3. Watercress – Nutrient Score: 1000
  4. Bok Choy – Nutrient Score: 824
  5. Spinach – Nutrient Score: 739
  6. Brussels sprouts – Nutrient Score: 672
  7. Swiss chard – Nutrient Score: 670
  8. Arugula – Nutrient Score: 559
  9. Radish – Nutrient Score: 554
  10. Cabbage – Nutrient Score: 481

There are actually 30 super foods in Dr Fuhrman’s list of nutrient dense foods but for the next , you’ll have to visit my other weight loss website.

Notice that there are no fruits, dairy products, meats, nuts or seeds in the top 10 foods, just dark green leafy vegetables. Shows you the powerful nutrient punch they provide.

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