My day started like any other. Run here do this…run there do that…oh wait, don’t forget to do that…better write that down on my daily list or else I will forget…run run run! I am constantly in a rush to get everyday normal stuff done. It dawned on me today – why am I stressing myself out to squeeze every last second of time to get crap done? When was the last time I slowed down and stayed present in the moment…I couldn’t recall a time.

I remember a couple of years ago, I running around my house in my usual way because I was having a dinner party the following night…and of course, everything had to be perfect.

I was running circles around my boyfriend at the time until he grabbed me by the shoulders and said, “Breathe Michele!” I stood still for a second, looked him in the eye and replied, “I am breathing now get out of my way because I have stuff to do!” Then I continued on – moving around like I was on fire.

I really have no excuse for my inability to slow down. I don’t have kids that I have to get to appointments or school. I belong to only one charity organization that requires only a few hours of my time each week. The rest of the time is play time – and yet I am still running around like I have no time to spare.

Friday was no different. I took a vacation day off so I could do some Christmas shopping before the malls get really crazy. I started my morning off rushing around.

Then I realized this is a vacation day! What the hell am I doing! I should be slowing down and enjoying the fact that I have a day to do what I need to do. Trust me, when you wake up in the morning doing 90 miles an hour, you don’t feel much joy.

So I gave my head a shake and slowed down. I took my time drinking my morning coffee and reading the grocery store flyers that were in my mail box. It felt good.

I did the rest of the day at that pace. It felt weird yet by the end of the day, I was in a good mood and had energy to spare – which isn’t always the case on my self imposed crazy days.

So I have made a decision to try to stay present – in the moment. To slow down and not feel like I have to get everything done NOW! Not everything can wait but some things definitely can. I have a lot of things in my life that I am thankful for so it is time for me to slow down and enjoy them. I suggest you try and do the same – if only for one day and see how it changes you.