Running Shoes for Women

Last week I went for a late night run. I threw on my running shoes, my cute new running skirt and hit the pavement.

Had a great run… or at least I thought I did. When I stopped running my right foot was cramping and my right shin was aching. I knew my running shoes weren’t the best fit for me but I hadn’t realized how brutal they were for my body till I stepped off the cushioned treadmill and took a run on the asphalt.

As a result – my mission: A new pair of running shoes.

I decided not to just head to the nearest athletic store and buy a new pair like I usually do. This time I did my research..and I’m going to share with all you ladies what made my short list.

First, one helpful site was Runner’s World. They’ve spent a lot of time testing and reviewing shoes. I started there and then continued searching the web. My list is comprised of 5 different styles from 4 different brands. These are the ones I kept finding good reviews and ratings on.

One thing to note, I searched for shoes that fit my running needs so please keep that in mind. I’m a tall, big girl (5’11, 170 lbs) and have high arches so my shoe choice reflects shoes that are geared in that direction.

So now, without further ado (and in no particular order)…

Nike Air Zoom Vormero, they run for about $120. One of the most notable feature about this shoe is the cushioned heel support. Something to keep in mind if you have a heavy heel strike when running. It also is designed to have a supportive arch wrap. Some reviews stated that the shoe fit like a glove. And for all you gadget queens out there…. it can interact with your ipod nano with the purchase of a Nike senosor.

Next on the list is the adidas Women’s Supernova Cushioning 6 Running Shoe and is a good buy at $89. This is the most recently updated version of the popular Adidas Supernova. Superb cushioning and arch support for normal to high arches makes it a must try on my list. Adidas Supernova Cushion 6

The ASICS® Women’s GEL-Nimbus® VIII made the list at $120. Several reviews on this shoe noted that it’s a good pick for heavier runners. I’m not sure what the definition of “heavier” is but I’m guessing since I’m not an 115 pound marathon runner I fit the profile! It’s designed to help better isolate and displace impact. Asics Gel Nimbus



The Women’s Brooks Glycerin 5running shoes for womenis a shoe that I couldn’t find an official review on by
any company. However, time and again this shoe was highly rated by runners on many sites. With backing like that I knew it had to make my list of shoes to try on! A couple design features worth mentioning is it’s roomier toebox and enhanced heal cushioning. This shoe will run you (pun intended) around $110. Brooks Glycerin 5

The final shoe to make my list is the Nike Air Max 180, coming in at about $110. These are similar to the Nike 360s (which I loved). The new design includes extra cushioning on the forefront of the sock liner to help support women’s lower body weight. And again, this shoe will talk to your ipod nano with the Nike sensor.

While running shoes can be a pricey investment, especially when you should be buying them every 6 months, it’s money well spent. This weekend I’ll be hitting the local running store to do some shoe shopping. I’d recommend finding a similiar specialty store that will let you try the shoes on and go outside and actually run in them, not just walk around a store.

Ladies, I’d love to hear feedback on any experience with the above shoes or a pair that you have that you either love or hate. I’m on a mission to get a new pair of shoes so I can get back out there on the pavement and sweat like a girl!