ohhhhhhh baby IT’S ON!!!!!!

Everyone likes a bit of friendly competition every once and a while right?
Well, I just happen to feed off of it.

Last night I received a challenge from . He is the author of
Now, any one that knows me, knows that I am not one to pass up a challenge of ANY kind…I’d really rather stick a fork in my eye.

After a bit of friendly on his blog, the challenge was laid out. We are to make a significant change to how our bodies look and perform.
We have both agreed on a time frame of four weeks for this game.
Before and after pictures, weight lost, measurements, body fat percentage…the whole 9 yards baby. These are due on October 5 2007.

GAME ON!!!!!!


Oh, you better believe that I am gonna KICK HIS ASSSSSS…
Ya, that’s right , I went there. I’m about to unleash MY inner warrior !!!

Stay tuned for the shenanigans!!!!!!!
I’m pretty fuckin excited about this, actually.

And now back to our scheduled program….

It was cold out but not the kind of cold that leaves you feeling dead, but more the nostalgic kind of cold.
He held my hand different than usual…as if I was going to slip…not on frozen puddles…but through myself…
I knew deep inside he was wishing that I’d fall, just to get it over with.

He kissed me gently and never said a word…
He never says anything…
He just watches me prick myself with words. He just watches me with those eyes. Those fierce punctuations scattered in his lashes, because I think he’s the only one who ever understood the twisted workings of my mind…
the way I deeply analyze situations…
the way I linger inside every detail of things…of images.
The children playing hopscotch…the man beating his wife across the street, why snowflakes meander instead of beating to the ground…the way I don’t live in the present.

Sometimes I’m still stuck in last week, still glossing over the fine print. Reenacting certain incidents, trying to play them out differently to see how things could have been if I just held back.

Things can always be different, and silence is necessary.


UGH…This week left much to be desired!! I let my emotions get the better of me, and completely walked away from my program…BUT only for a moment.
I managed to pull out these last few days clean!!

I could beat myself up about it, but I won’t. I’ll just pull up my panties and get right back into it.

I released an extra 2.5lbs from my body though =)

Here we go…

The Tastey Part

The long weekend was full of treats and waaay too greasy food. I CHOSE to put that in my body. .

Day One
I have nothing written down for this day, so I can not tell you exactly what I ate. But I can tell you that I had grilled cheese for lunch and pizza for dinner. Preeeeeettty sure I skipped out on breakfast as well. Wicked hey? haha

Day Two
Meal 1: Lucky Charms
Meal 2: nadda
Meal 3: Kraft Dinner and Ketchup, with a big fat glass of juice
Meal 4: Yep….nothin
Meal 5: Still nothing
(By this time my stomach was ready to eat a hole through my back)
Meal 6: Hamburger helper (lasagna)

Day Three
Meal 1: Mini Wheats of the vanilla variety
Meal 2: Nothing
Meal 3: Nothing (oh ya, sorry tummy)
Meal 4: Lean Steak and Cauliflower with
Meal 5: Chicken Breast with Garden Salad(no dressing) with
Meal 6: Yogurt and Blueberries

Day Four
Meal 1: Egg Whites with Red Pepper and Oatmeal
Meal 2: Lean Steak and Sweet Potato
Meal 3: Egg White Omlette and Cauliflower with
Meal 4: Rye Bread and Almond Butter
Meal 5: Lean Steak with steamed Veggies and
Meal 6: Bunch of Almonds and Yogurt

Day Five
Meal 1: Egg whites and Oatmeal
Meal 2: Chicken Breast and Red River Cereal with
Meal 3: Lean Steak and Broccoli
Meal 4: Egg White Omlette with Broccoli
Meal 5: Chicken Breast with Spinach Salad with
Meal 6: Yogurt and Blueberries

The Sweaty Part

Day One

Day Two: Lower Body (Personal Trainer)
*30 minutes of Cybex Arc Trainer(A pre designed interval program, Level 3)
Lunges: No weight- 3 sets of 20 (each leg)
Ball Squats: No weight – 3 sets of 20
Leg Curl (seated):60lbs- 2 sets of 20. 3rd set I made it to 17 (I went to failure)
Seated Calf Raises:25lbs- 2 sets of 20. 3rd set I pushed that bitch to 28 =)
Leg Extension: 45lbs- 3 sets of 20.
Ball Ab Crunches: No weight- 3 sets of 25
Side Bends(obliques): 25lbs (bar)- 3 sets of 25

Day Three
Oh hey….There is nothing here either!!!!!

Day Four : Upper Body (Personal Trainer)
*30 minutes of Eliptical (Custom HIIT)
Lat Pull down: 65lbs- 2 sets of 25. 3rd set I pushed it to 29 =)
Incline Chest Press: 42.5lbs- 2 sets of 25. 3rd set I made it to 20 (I went to failure)
Girlie Push Ups: 2 sets of 20. Last set I pushed it to 23 =)
Hammer Strength Shoulder Press: 20lbs- 10 reps(too easy) 25lbs- 10 reps(too easy) 30lbs- 2 sets of 25
Free weight Bicep Curls: 25lbs- 11 reps(too heavy) 20lbs- 2 sets of 20. 3rd set I made it to 16 ( I went to failure)
Tricep Bench Dips: Body Weight- 3 sets of 15
Free Weight Lateral Raises: 10lbs- 3 sets of 25

Day Five: Lower Body (On my own)
*45 minutes of Cybex Arc Trainer (A pre designed interval program, Level 3)
Lunges: No weight- 2 sets of 25 (each leg)
Ball Crunchs: No Weight- 3 sets of 25
Leg Sled (seated): 270lbs- 2 sets of 20. 3rd set I made it to 16 ( I went to failure)
Leg Extension: 45lbs- 2 sets of 25. 3rd set I pushed it to 29 =)
Leg Curl (seated): 60lbs- 3 sets of 20
*30 minutes of Cybex Arc Trainer (A pre designed interval program, Level 3)

Even though I started out weak, I finished strong. I made an honest effort to turn things around and focused. I owe my self at LEAST that much.

Sometimes when things get you down it is easier to just give up, forget about it, and walk away.
I think you’re better than that though….don’t you?


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