New Years Eve Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss tips for New Years eve are the theme of this edition of 3 tips Friday. New Years Eve is a time to celebrate the ending of one year and to start the next year fresh. Many use the time to set new years resolutions, whether they be physical, financial, spiritual or career related, and would welcome any they could get. With the new year celebration comes parties, dinners, snacks and of course alcohol.

Now, I’m certainly one to have a couple of good glasses of wine, because life is just too short for bad wine you know, but I’m also goal driven and understand the effect of alcohol on weight loss.

With that in mind, here are my New Years Eve Weight Loss Tips

New Years Eve Weight Loss Tips

1. Eat Before You Go Out

You should always eat before your party to cut down on low blood sugar affecting your ability to make good food choices when you’re out. Having your meal at the last minute before heading out gives you a good 3 to 4 hours of even blood sugar and a full stomach. You should be staying away from starchy carbohydrates this late in the evening anyway, but I’ll say it again. Don’t eat starchy carbohydrates after 6 PM. This will reduce the risk of having a drop in blood sugar just as the beverages begin being poured. To further increase your level of fullness, make sure you eat a larger portion of vegetables to increase your fiber content and your level of fullness.

2. Take Your Own Snacks With You

Be pro-active and take some good quality snacks with you for the late night that new years eve becomes. Balance your host’s mostly white flower snacks with some raw nuts like Almonds and Brazil Nuts. The protein and fats in them are a much better source of calories that support the building of muscle rather than the white flour empty calorie carbohydrates. Have a treat or two if you must, but quickly follow them with the protein and fat from the nuts. Good choices while out include raw vegetables, but avoid the crackers and anything sweet.

3. Have a Glass Of Water For Every Alcoholic Drink

For each glass of wine, beer or champagne you drink, have a glass of water between them. This spaces the drinks out as well as helps to cut down on the quantity of carbohydrates or sugar from the champagne or other beverages. Another good idea is to drink only water as late into the evening as possible before starting on the booze.

New Years eve is a time of festivities and celebration. Welcome in the new year safely by cutting down on your alcohol consumption or having a designated driver. Be safe, have fun and have a happy new years eve.

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