Merry Stressmas – I Mean Christmas

Isn’t the Christmas season supposed to be a time of joy and happiness? I remember when I could barely wait for Christmas to come…all of the presents and good food…time to play with my cousins and run around the house stuffing my face with chocolate! Good times! But where did those good times go? Exactly when did Christmas become so stressful and crazy?

When did it become a retailers dream? When did it become handing over a list of “I must have” items and expectations? When did it come all about me?

As I grew up, I think I embraced my fellow Christmas goers in the commercial side of it all. What happened to focusing on what Christmas represents to you on a religious side (whatever religion or spiritual beliefs you follow)?

What happened to focusing on quality time with friends and family instead of hoping they bought you something great?

Last Christmas, I was told by a friend about his nieces and nephews that barely finished ripping the paper off of one gift before they started on the next from the pile of gifts that are theirs and theirs only.

What have we become? Does love equate to how many presents you receive? Has Christmas become the golden calf? What are we teaching our children?

I am not suggesting that you change all family traditions but maybe you can improve upon them. I ask this holiday season that you take a look at what you believe and don’t lose focus of it. I do wish everyone the opportunity to be surrounded by their loved ones and that 2008 be the best year for you yet! Stay inspired!