Requesting Your Holiday Eating Survival Tips

Thanksgiving is over and we’re now moving into December which follows with New Years Eve parties and then some January festivities. Most of it involves eating and drinking. Lots of eating and drinking actually.

In an effort to stay on your diet, or your bodybuilding program, you surely have a plan when approaching this time of year.

What is it?

If you don’t have a plan, you should.

That’s the point of this request.

I would like to know how you’re preparing yourself for the parties, the nights out, the treats around the house or your in-laws house. What are your favorite methods of dealing with the holidays?

I’ve just begun a Winter Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge on my weight loss forum and the members are posting their monthly and weekly goals. Part of this has been to recognize the possible challenges (family, meetings, parties, work stress, kids etc) and put a plan in place to cope with it and be prepared.

What challenges do you foresee and what survival tips do you have or can offer for others.

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