Eating At The Table – Food For Thought

It wasn’t until today that I decided that I need to revitalize a old tradition from my childhood and reminiscent of the Thanksgiving or recent Eating at the table.

Eight weeks ago, we purchased a gorgeous dark wood pub style table and chairs for our kitchen.

We live in a smallish condo. perfectly comfortable for two with no designated dining area. I chose the table because of the dark wood and it gave the area special warmth. A place for us to dine together. Until then, we had a tiny table not suitable for two.

40% of North Americans eat with their family at home each night each week

eating in front of the tvUntil then and even after we had the table, we shuffled our plates on our laps while we unconsciously, almost zombie like, sat to watch a sit com, the news or whatever reality tv show was on. After a busy day at work and especially throughout the Christmas season, it was our time to relax and our time to rest.

After recently talking to a couple at a party, I learned that they too would quite often watch tv with tv trays. Not only the two of them but their children as well.

Now, I suspect that we aren’t the only ones doing this.

A recent survey suggests that 40% of North Americans eat with their family at home each night each week. So, what about the other 60% of the time? Dining in restaurants, eating on the run, eating in front of the computer, or even in the car.

Eating in front of the tv or computer can lead to mindless eating and overeating caused by being distracted and prevent you from listening to your body’s hunger signals and satisfied signals.

Case in point, Popcorn in movie theaters. Do you need that much popcorn to make you full? While watching a film, we not only eat kernel by kernel but stuff handfuls of popcorn into our mouths and wash it down with huge containers of soda pop.

My Challenge To You

Instead of going out for dinner, why not have dinner at home tonight? Turn off the computer and the tv and take the time to enjoy the flavors, texture an taste your food by sitting down at the table. Enjoy the company of your family, partner or friend.

You’ll be healthier for it and reap the benefits of being connected, communicating and even try new foods or share favorite foods with those special people in your life.

Don’t limit yourself to holidays or special occasions, make everyday special.

Bon Appetit!


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