.can you see it?.

I hope you have been setting goals for yourself.
I hope that you have been WRITING THEM DOWN and reading them often. I hope that if you haven’t started, you will right now!!! hahhahaha
I can not stress the importance of goal setting enough. I always thought that I was goal orientated in the past, I knew what I wanted to accomplish, and left it at that. They really became passing thoughts that I would beat myself up for later. It is important to SEE your goals!!!! It’s important to see YOURSELF at your goals…
I know I wouldn’t play the lottery if the undetermined jackpot was worth less than the ticket.

To get myself to where I know I belong I am willing to put in the effort….I am willing to , learn, to try, to fuckin sweat!!! And that is really the key factor to achieving any goal you set out for yourself….you gotta taste it.

Cardio is getting me results. There is no question that the increase in activity has had an incredible impact on my body. I want more than that, I want to see results faster, faster, faster!!! I want to see what those machines over there do!!!
I received three personal training sessions with my gym membership and decided to put them to use.
“I will just get them to show me the machines and that’s it” I told myself.

As soon as I talked with Diana on the phone I knew we had chemistry. It wasn’t awkward, it was a “cool, lets hang out on Tuesday” feel. We hit it off right away, sharing the same sense of humor and sarcastic edge. Diana is absolutely full of life and very energetic.

Oh, she’s mine for sure….BOOKED…
I’m soooo worth it!!!

Because I had been focusing mostly on cardio work, she has shown me a moderately challenging beginner weight training routine.

I am in the gym 5 days a week. 2 of these days belong to my trainer.
She makes me laugh and she works me hard!!! I know ahead of time that I will leave feeling sore. My body burns in the most delicious way on the “day after Diana”
I am left to my own devices for the remaining 3 days of my week. These have, to date, been mostly cardio days for me, but I am now implementing a weight/cardio interval routine for two of these days. All that means is that I “warm up” on the eliptical/treadmill/cybex arc/row for half an hour, I slide into the resistence for another half an hour, (full body super sets) and then I go back to my chosen cardio for another 30 to 45 minutes. These are my early gym days (4am)
Days with Diana are strictly strength training, and are done later in the evening.

“Whoa….whoa…hold on girl…5 days …you serious?” was the reaction I received from a neighbor of mine, when explaining my gym routine. ahhahahaha.
I have time for anything that I am committed to.

To give you a better picture, this is what my week looks like this week.

Monday-Cardio / Weight Interval
Tuesday – Diana@ 3pm (lower)
Wednesday – Cardio
Thursday – Diana @ 8pm (upper)
Friday – Cardio / Weight Interval
Sunday – Rob’s Fitness BootCamp (weather permitting)

Alright, so I have comfortable yet challenging gym routines in place…what about the FOOOOOODDDDDD?

Diana (personal trainer) and I went for an adventure one afternoon. She took me to a few whole food stores and a “natural” market. She went through the different types of foods and explained the pros and cons of eating everything that was shown to me. We shopped, and then came back to my house for a “pantry purge” . This activity was something quite unexpected. She called me on a Saturday to see if I had plans for the day. What blew my mind was the fact that she was taking personal time out of her weekend schedule to educate me on proper food choices…this was not a paid session.
I must have left a wonderful impression on her!!! She is spectacular and YES, we are getting married!!! HAHA

What we “ditched”:

-white rice
-all of my pasta EXCEPT one box of sun dried tomato and spinach wheat pasta
-2 bags of sugar
-bag of flour
-container of yeast
-kool aid
-seasoned croutons
-some soup mixes
-white bread
-consume (like beef broth, chicken broth etc etc….HIGH SODIUM)
-itcheban noodles
-tuna packed in oil
-pancake mix
-hamburger helper
-flavoured oatmeal
-cereal (I was only permitted to keep one box for the children (struggle) and my high fiber crisp cereal)
-frozen juice (punches)
-soya sauce (I had to fight to keep the ketchup)
-ranch salad dressing
-ceasar salad dressing

Because I chose to keep the children’s snacks and lunch time favorites such as kraft dinner and zoodles in the cupboards we made check out sheets.
(My idea) On each box of snacks there is now a sign out sheet…who got the snack…what time…etc etc. It’s hilarious, but keeps me accountable!!!

We did not throw non perishable items in the garbage. They have found a new home at the Edmonton food bank.

What we “stocked”:

-Vegetables of all varieties!!!
-Whole grain cooked oatmeal /Hot & Cold cereal
-Sweet potatoes
-Brown long grain Rice
-Whole grain bread
-Whole wheat pasta
-Lean red meat
-Basa (fish)
-Olive oil
-Salt free seasonings
-Beans (all varieties)

I love how colorful my fridge is after I do my shopping. I love vegetables….and it’s a good things too cause I am eating A LOT of them lately. I am still using as my source of essential fatty acids.
If you are going to change your body, you need to change the way you eat. It doesn’t have to be drastic. You just have to realize that the food you are consuming plays a KEY role in how your body performs.
Should be common sense right? You’d think so….

I am experimenting with a “program” called . at the moment. I am getting some exciting results with this book. I have been following it for only a week and it has already resulted in a 6 pound weight loss.
It was my gift….my present for finding the icon that Rob hides, in his blogs, as part of the monthly .
(which reminds me….better get lookin for this months icon or I get my choice again…and you dont wanna see that happen twice in a row do you? *wink*)

This food purge came at exactly the right time, and all of the new items were ones that were supposed to be here anyways.
I am absolutely loving this book and would reccomend it to anyone who wants to learn about the “fuel” that makes your body optimize potential. I will be writing more about BFFM in the near future. I intend to follow this program for 6 weeks and will, of course, be sharing weekly progress reports.
Rob has also followed Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. .

Don’t cheat yourself, believe that you can be incredible…that you ARE incredible. You only get what you put into it and YOU are 100% responsible for your own results.
I’ll tell you right now that it’s gonna be work, but you don’t want easy do you?…
…easy doesn’t make you learn…
…easy doesn’t make you grow…

Besides, the payoff is so fuckin incredible.

Keep your eye on the prize baby, cause I’ve got mine on lock…