Scavenger Hunt

Weight Loss, Fitness and Natural Health Scavenger Hunt

How would you like to receive a free gift every month and learn a lot about health, fitness, fat loss etc in the process?

Here is how this scavenger hunt is going to work: Each month, I hide something on one of my websites, either or this site . You might stumble upon it and not even know it’s a part of the scavenger hunt, but if you’re looking for it, then bingo… you’re in the running for the reward.

I’m just starting this weight loss and natural health scavenger hunt, so the process may change from month to month as I determine how it’s working. This page will serve as the official rules and also list the winners and their prizes.

Prizes are to be determined by yourself. What do you want? You can choose from these options:

  1. One of the products that I recommend ie: , , , how to , Interview series or maybe my own audio interviews.
  2. Pick the prize that you want, up to $50 (must be pre-approved by myself)
  3. Receive $30 in cash (via paypal)
  4. $30 worth of Sunrider Foods
  5. … to be determined

Along with the prize, you will also get a link to your website.

Scavenger Hunt Rules:

  1. Must join the Scavenger hunt email list. Your name and email has to be listed in the subscribers to be eligible.
  2. Must subscribe to my blog posts daily updates. Your email has to be listed as a subscriber to the blog post updates to be eligible. You can cancel or remove yourself after winning if you choose to. This means BOTH blogs, and . It takes about 2 minutes to subscribe and is totally free.
  3. Must be willing to submit your thoughts on the product you got ie: review it
  4. Must be willing to have your name posted as the winner
  5. Must post a link back to this scavenger hunt page on your website, or if you don’t have a website, post a link somewhere in a comment system or a forum stating that you won the prize. (update: hmmm.. that seems a bit demanding… even for me.  This is now optional.  If you link here – Cool… thanks.)
  6. You must be a member of my weight loss community in order to vote for the winner. I do this in order to correctly track 1 vote per person.
  7. Once you find the item, don’t tell anyone about it. By keeping it to yourself, you reduce your competition for the prize. Remember, all the people who find it are in the draw for the prize. I may change this over time to just the first 10 who find it, but I have to see how this scavenger hunt turns out as time goes by.

Rules may be subject to change but are in effect until the next scavenger hunt begins ie: I wont change the rules during the month.

Once you find the item, email me stating the link to the page and where exactly the item is located. Your name will go into the draw. I will set up a poll in my weight loss forum and have forum members choose a number between 1 and however many hunters find the item. Whichever number gets the highest votes wins their personally selected prize. Your name, a link to your website if you have one, your picture if you like and the product that you won will be displayed on both my websites along with the review of the product.

The scavenger hunt item will be an image which will eliminate the ability to search for the word using google or any other search engine.

This is what you’re looking for –>

This little image is my Favorite Icon. It’s what you normally see in the address bar of your browser, but that is not part of the scavenger hunt. This little red, white and black icon is within the content of either this website, or my other website It will not be hidden in the forum.

I may or may not give out hints throughout the scavenger hunt month. I have to see how this works before committing to giving hints. Hints will be sent to the subscribers of the Scavenger Hunt Email List (see below).

How To Start

Subscribe to the Scavenger hunt email list

Subscribe to my daily blog posts udpates via email

Enter your email address:

Become a member of the weight loss forum

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