3 Weight Loss Tips

Every Friday is day here at Former Fat Guy Blog and the 3 weight loss tips for the new year that you can take action on right now are about goals, foods and exercise.

Weekly goals should be part of any weight loss program as long as they’re worded correctly because how your brain hears what you’re saying is critical.

Weight Loss Tips – Goals, Food and Exercise

Goals should be actions

Instead of having a goal of loosing 3 pounds this week, make your goal or goals the actions to get there. Instead of “I will lose 3 pounds this week”, state something like “I will walk 30 minutes every day this week”. Your focus should be on what’s going to get you to your result, not the result itself.

Avoid Processed Foods

If you can’t pronounce it, it has no place in your body. Your body is the most wonderful machine ever created and its primary fuel source is fruit, vegetables, beans, legumes and in some cases grains. As you eat more from the primary fuel sources, you’ll notice improvements in energy levels, brain functioning, sleep, muscle tone and you’ll burn more body fat. The increased fiber will keep you full, delaying the release of glucose and keeping your blood sugar more regulated. Eat from these primary fuels throughout the day for best results.

Move Your Body

Want to eat more food? Have you cut your calories too far? Get off your ass and move your body. What happens when you lose the weight to see your physique but it’s not as nice as you thought it might be? Exercise builds muscle, metabolism, and increases your energy levels. If you’re new to exercise, start small and then build your way up to a full program. Start with a trip to the gym and ask the staff for a tour. This way you’ll at least get an idea of what the inside of a gym looks like and what goes on inside. Then arrange a free week pass. Take action… begin now.

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