3 Weight Loss Tips

This edition of 3 tips Friday is clearly about weight loss. 3 weight loss tips that you can use right here, right now to get started towards you goal. 3 tips Friday allows you a 3 day jump on those who begin on Mondays. Take action, get started now.

Eliminate all starchy carbohydrates after 6 pm – Starchy carbohydrates such as bread, yams, rice, crackers, popcorn, pasta, potato’s etc are all converted to sugar quite quickly. When that sugar is flowing through your veins, your body will burn it for energy rather than fat.

After 6 PM, stick to lean proteins and vegetables only. Consider a meal of all vegetables with some chicken, bison or steak instead along with good fats. The fiber of the vegetables will provide bulk, make you feel fuller while eating less calories.

Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes – For proper recovery after weight training, one should allow for at least a full 48 hours before training again. This allows the catabolic phase to finish and then a full 24 hours or more for the anabolic phase to provide recovery and building of muscle. Read more about How To Build Muscle

During your off days, do some more cardio – walking, cycling, swimming, stair climbing or whatever you prefer.

Getting your body moving each and every day increases your metabolism which then burns fat. Consider getting into a routine of going to the gym at the same time every day. On Mon, Wed and Friday, do weight training, with cardio on Tue, Thursday and Saturday.

Remember the term GOYA – Get Off Your Ass.

Get Involved In A Weight Loss Challenge – Get into a challenge that involves a support group to keep you accountable. Any good challenge provides an outline that you have to follow and then check in with other members at least once a week to keep you accountable. Write down your goals, submit them, announce them and then get to work. Challenges usually run 3 months long and have monthly and weekly goals.

It just so happens that I’ve recently launched my right here on my forum. Lasting from Dec 1st until Feb 29th 2008. Sign up, sign in and get started. The complete list of regulations and guidelines can be found in the weight loss forum.

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