Oops! should be “almond” milk, LOL. …

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Oops! should be “almond” milk, LOL. Can’t believe we both missed it and you’re the first one to notice. I’ll fix it.

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  • Actually it’s not wheat – only wheat is wheat. Spelt is a GRAIN, and so is wheat. But spelt is not wheat. Brown rice is a grain, so is kamut, so is barley, rye and triticale. Read this for more information:


  • well you can’t really, that sorta defeats the purpose of using whole grains, not pre-processed flour. You won’t get the same fluffy pancakes unless you go buy some whole spelt. Try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.
  • you could try it – but might be bitter. I think the baking soda needs something to react with. The recipe called for white sugar – I substituted agave for it. You could also try apple sauce, or Stevia (which is unlike any sweetener cause it’s actually good for you if you get a good brand) So they may not “fluff” without it -but try it and report back to us.

    I just realized I had put “baking powder” twice too – the second amount should be “baking soda” – man I must have been sleeping at the switch when I did that post.

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