5 Items You Buy At The Grocery: Comment Poll

When you shop at the grocery store, what sort of items do you buy? Do you stick to the outside edges where the fresh produce is or do you buy as much canned food or bulk items as possible? Where do you spend your money?

Lets play a little game by entering your thoughts in the comments. My intention is to have at least 100 people participate by leaving feedback.
5 things you buy at the grocery

Pick Your 5 Items

I give you money and send you into the grocery store to pick up 5 items. You can only pick one thing from the following departments.. what is it?

  1. Produce
  2. Bakery
  3. Meat
  4. Frozen
  5. Dry goods

Leave a comment with your answers


  1. 1. apples
    2. french multigrain long loaf
    3. skinless boneless chicken breast
    4. michelina’s chicken fried rice
    5. oatmeal

  2. Beans because I’m hoping one will be magical. :)

    In all seriousness, though,

    1. Produce: Romaine lettuce
    2. Bakery: (I’d prefer to leave that area alone and pick up a second item in one of the others or something from dairy, but for the purpose of the poll -) Whole grain bagels
    3. Meat: Salmon (Omega3)
    4. Frozen: Berry mix (antioxidants)
    5. Dried goods: lentils

  3. Produce.
    Greens, parsley, oranges, frozen berries and young coconuts.
    To make a yummy Green Smoothie.
    Meat and Dairy are abominations, never components of a truly healthy diet. http://www.ravediet.com — Order EATING for more information on that.

  4. Produce – cucmbers and tomatos

    Bakery – blah carbs…. whole grain buns

    Meat – Chicken boobs or salmon (depends on the mood)

    Frozen – Ice cream ( not gonna lie… it’s a downfall)

    Dry goods – I am drawing a blank, and I went shopping last night… hmmm…. lettuce think.. ( liked that didn’t you LOL) – Granola bars

  5. 1. baby spinach
    2. I usually avoid this area but if I had to, it would be some sort of non-wheat bread
    3. chicken (dark meat)
    4. frozen berries
    5. quinoa

  6. 1 – produce: 80% of my food is from here. One thing? Salad mix.
    2 – bakery: like Michele, avoid this mostly – but a Power cookie from Planet Organic as a treat now and then, or Spelt Pita breads
    3 – meat: right now, none. We only eat meat out, at home none.
    4 – frozen: black berries or blueberries for smoothies
    5 – dried: SUNRIDER!!!! that and red lentils, we eat those almost daily.

  7. 1. Apples
    2. Whole Wheat Bread
    3. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
    4. Frozen Broccoli
    5. Rice

    Tim Wilson

  8. 1. Produce: Spinach. Cucumbers and bananas come in a close second.
    2. Bakery: Whole wheat bread.
    3. Meat: None.
    4. Frozen: Assorted vegetables for lazy lunches when I just want to microwave something.
    5. Dry goods: Quinoa

    Surprised you have no “canned” section or something like it. Something absurd like 1/2 my diet right now is canned beans.

  9. 1. Produce : Spinach
    2. Bakery : Multi-grain bagels ( but I do not eat any bread….I’d give’em to a friend ! :) )
    3. Meat : Chicken Breasts!!!!!!!
    4. Frozen : Frozen green beans
    5. Dry Goods : dattes!!!! They are my secret addiction to sugar ! :)

    Cool poll ! tks ! and HI everyone :):)

  10. 1. Produce – Celery
    2. Bakery – Chocolate Cake (I hate chocolate cake, but the rest of the family would love it.)
    3. Meat – Bison (ground)
    4. Frozen – steamfresh veggies
    5. Dry goods – navy beans

  11. Hi Lucie! we miss you on the forum, can you pop in and update us, we’re dying to know how you are making out?! do share your successes with us please!

    are dates dried goods? LOL – They are dried but I think that means things like dried beans, grains, oatmeal, etc. 😉

  12. Carolyn Injoy:) February 7, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    Produce Broccoli
    Bakery Whole Wheat Ezekiel bread
    Meat Chicken
    Frozen Sugar Free Cool Whip
    Dry goods Cornmeal

    That was harder to do than I thought. I wanted more than one choice. Imagine that? Big smile.

    Injoy:) Carolyn

  13. 1. Grapes
    2. Whole Wheat Bread
    3. Chicken
    4. Healthy Choice Steamers
    5. Low Carb Pasta

  14. 1) produce – strawberries
    2) bakery – multi-grain bread
    3) meat – boneless chicken breasts
    4) frozen – broccoli
    5) dry goods – steel cut oats

    Looks almost like my grocery list already. :)

  15. scott-tousignant February 7, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    Produce – red peppers
    bakery – pass – get fish instead
    meat – bulk chicken breasts
    frozen – blueberries
    dry goods – oats

    What about eggs man… I need my eggs. Can’t survive without them :)

    Scott Tousignant

  16. Produce; Spring greens.
    Bakery: Spelt wraps with hemp hearts.
    Meat ; Chicken.
    Frozen: Berries.
    Dry goods : Beans.

  17. oooo, good answer – Spelt wraps!!

    … and beans.

  18. 1. Produce a bag of organic red onions
    2. Bakery all organic artisan bread
    3. Meat package organic chicken thighs
    4. Frozen organic berry medley
    5. Dry goods short grain organic brown rice

  19. Usually go to the produce store once a week (Fruit and Veg city). Usually get :

    – Bananas
    – Peaches
    – Apples
    – Grapes
    – Plums

    Next would be veggies like brocolli, cauliflower, pumpkin, beans. I prefer fresh over canned.

  20. It’s great to see so many other food lovers here. As for me, I enjoy my time in the garden and kitchen (so I grow a lot of my own food, bake my own bread etc). I’m with Scott T though, definitely fish and eggs. Mmmmm.

  21. Produce – the most in season fruits possible
    Bakery – some bread with lots of sticks and twigs in it
    Meat – only when my husband asks for it, but it will be chicken
    Frozen – ice – for our protein shakes
    Dry Goods – my weakness…pancake mix!

  22. 1. produce: baby spinach
    2. bakery: I try to stay as far away as possible
    3. meat: boneless skinless chicken thighs
    4. frozen: lately it’s been kashi blueberry waffles (with almond butter for breakfast)
    5. dry goods: quinoa

  23. Produce: tomatoes
    bakery: can’t remember the last time I bought something from the bakery!
    Meat: salmon
    frozen: fruit (mixed berries are my fav)
    dry goods: steel cut oats

  24. Produce – carrots
    Bakery – whole grain spelt wraps
    Meat – Eggs from free range birds via farmers market
    Frozen – edamame beans
    Dry – lentils (all colors)

    Picking just one thing is a bit of a challenge. My diet is mostly produce, so how do I choose just one thing? I originally had the meat item listed as EggsAndChicken hoping to pass the “just one item” filter but I realize that I have to be a role model for future participants and can’t skew the poll.

  25. Produce: Bananas
    Bakery: Publix’s 5 grain loaf
    Meat: chicken breast
    Frozen: Green Giant’s creamed spinach
    Dry goods: Pinto Beans

  26. 1 – celery
    2 – raisin bread
    3 – hamburger
    4 – strawberries
    5 – rice

  27. 1. Produce – organic, fresh kale (or other dark, leafy greens)
    2. Bakery – organic, locally-made, multi- and whole-grain bread
    3. Meat – beans
    4. Frozen – dark berries
    5. Dry goods – brown rice

  28. 1. produce – broccoli

    2. bakery – multi grain whole bread

    3. meat – salmon

    4. frozen – i don’t buy much frozen except frozen whole grain waffles for my son.

    5. dry goods – brown rice

  29. Stephanie Blackbird February 12, 2008 at 12:37 pm

    Produce – Organic Broccoli
    Bakery – Sprouted wheat bread, once in awhile
    Meat – Wild Salmon
    Frozen – Haagen Daaz Coffee Ice Cream (yummy)
    Dry goods – Kamut Pasta or Quinoa

  30. ah ha! More eaters! I love it

    thanks for the comment Stephanie

  31. The 5 items that I will pick are :

    1. Produce – spinach
    2. Bakery – whole wheat bread (+4 grams of fiber)
    3. Meat – Fish (salmon)
    4. Frozen – Strawberries
    5. Dry goods – Almonds

  32. Produce – bananas
    Bakery – wheat bread
    Meat – boneless skinless chicken breasts
    Frozen – peas
    Dry goods – brown rice


  33. 1. Produce – Organic Green Vegetables
    2. Bakery – Pass – Get Fresh White Fish Instead
    3. Meat – Organic, Free-Range Chicken
    4. Frozen – Pass – Get Fresh Wild Salmon Instead
    5. Dry – Organic Spices and Organic Herbs

    Best wishes

  34. Doh ! I just realised I din’t answer properly – let me try again

    1. Produce – Apples (good overall anytime snack)
    2. Bakery – Round Buns (rather bake own bread)
    3. Meat – T-bone
    4. Frozen – Chicken
    5. Dry goods – Pasta, spaghetti or macaroni

  35. 1. produce – salad mix
    2.bakery – (I never buy anything at the bakery… do low-carb tortillas count?
    3.meat – boneless, skinless chicken breast
    4. frozen – mixed berries or fish (salmon or talapia)
    5. dry goods – oatmeal

  36. 1. Baby Carrots
    2. Whole Grain bread
    3. Boneless, skinless chicken breast
    4. Bagged frozen veggies
    5. Pasta

  37. 1. Brocolli … or berries if I get a second choice cus I’m not getting any baked goods!
    2. NOTHING
    3. Grass Fed Beef
    4. Alaskan Wild Salmon
    5. Almonds

  38. For a bunch of health freaks you can’t read instructions worth a darn!

    2.Pita Bread
    3.Beef Tenderloin
    4.Smoothie fruit mix


  39. the 5 grain bread is wonderfull in taste but lacks the perfect shape for sandwiches? what should we do with the ends????? too small for toaster, toast or sandwiches?????? please revise!

  40. your 5 grain bread is wonderfull! but soo mis-shapen for family use. too small ends beg to ask—what is to become of us??????? too small for toaster or sandwiches! please revise!

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