I am a current Weight Watchers member. …

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I am a current Weight Watchers member. I was hesitant to join until I heard about the Core plan. I absolutely love the plan. It is based on eating nutrition dense foods, essentially healthy foods that fill you up for less calories. There is never a need to be hungry because you eat to satisfaction. The plan also encourages exercise. Less calories eaten and more calories burned equals weight loss. I lost 23 pounds in a little less than three months. More importantly, I have maintained the loss for almost a year now and am confident I can maintain it long-term. I spent approximately $160 at Weight Watchers in monthly fees and now am able to attend my weekly meetings for free as a lifetime member. Compared to many of the other commercial plans, this is a true bargain.

Weight Watchers does encourage healthy eating through the healthy guidelines and the discussions at the meetings. However, I feel the Core plan is much healthier than the Flex plan. Too many members skip the healthy guidelines and eat 1200 calories of junk rather than wisely using points for healthy foods. The Core plan avoids this pitfall.

I would highly recommend the Core plan to anyone. If you find it restrictive, I would suggest making minor alterations to fit your life (i.e. I use low-fat cheese instead of non-fat cheese) as long as your overall calorie consumption is limited.