Sunday already?

The week is about to come into full swing. Are you excited? I know I am.

I have decided to put . away for a little while. Not because it isn’t working for me, but because I am a girl that likes VARIETY!! I like to have a bit of everything on my plate at the buffet.
MMMMMM buffet!! KK calm down J

I have chosen instead to use the program designed by . More specifically, the Fit Chic nutrition plan, along with the complimenting workout program.
After all, I have a competition to win here!!
I will of course be keeping you all in the loop with my progress.
I am also anxiously awaiting my “Bronze Plus” Test results from . So stay tuned to see if I am a Sugar Burner or a Fat Burner.

On Friday I talked about Something that I failed to mention though was how my body reacted to my deviations.

To be quite honest I felt like shit the entire time. Not because I felt guilty, but because the foods that I was putting into my body were having an adverse reaction.
I have been on a healthy eating kick for 5 weeks and all of a sudden I start putting all the crap back into my system. My body gave me a big dose of “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?”…
I felt tired…
My stomach started giving me problems…
I was irratable…
My face broke out into a lovely mess of pimples…
I couldn’t sleep properly…
I got headaches….

And what did Jessie learn from all this?

See ya guys later



  1. That’s just it isn’t it Jessie. I tell people about the Sunrider line of whole foods and they tell me “I eat very good already”. The thing is that few people realize that it could be better.

    It’s my belief that people are just used to feeling how they feel without realizing that they’re just accustomed to it. Not knowing that a change in diet, from crap to whole foods actually gives the body more nutrition and when it has more nutrition, better nutrition on a daily basis, it responds. It begins to vibrate at a higher frequency and it begins to attract more positive things into their lives.

    The easiest way to prove this is to do exactly what you did.

    It’s called the test.

    Improve your eating for a good 5 or 6 weeks, following a nutritional program outlined by a professional for your body type or your metabolic type.

    then go back to your way of eating and see how you feel.

    the key point here is to pay attention to what happens, and to how you feel. Nutrition and food play a key part in our body, our health and how we feel, but very few recognize the relationships.

    I was letting my nephews try some Sunrider Fortune Delight one time in place of their regular soda pop. They said it tasted fine, but what was the big deal. I asked them to pay attention to how they felt and how they felt an hour later. They realized that with soda pop, they felt really really good about 5 minutes later as the sugar and caffeine made it’s way into their blood stream, and then crashed an hour later and wanted more pop.

    With Fortune delight, they realized an increase in energy and alertness, but no crash. Nobody had ever asked them to pay attention to how they felt after eating certain foods.

    You paid attention.

    You made the connection between the low quality food and your energy levels, your headache, and the impact it had on your skin.

    When people ask me about why I have such great skin, they want to know what I eat to achieve it. My response is always “it’s a part of what I eat as well as a lot to do with what I don’t eat”.

    Good learn Jess.

    My word of advice on switching up the program from BFFM to UFL? I think even Scott would tell you to stick with one for at least 6 months before switching things up. We tend to look for answers from someone, and then when we’re given a program, we accept parts of it, but not others, then add parts of another system into the mix as well not fully achieving what the one system could provide.

    I’m not saying UFL is not an incredible product, because it is, however, if you’re reading this, my advice is to stick with your trainer – either in Diet or Fitness, and not try and piece together your own program from the parts of others. Stick with one and follow it for at least 6 months.

    and Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle allows for GREAT variety, it’s just a matter of creating it is all.

    Jess, you’ve changed to The Fit CHic program… so stick with it for 6 months now, regardless of the results you get. Track it and blog it

    Be Well

  2. That’s hilarious actually, I just came back on to change my post a bit. Now I don’t have to.

    After a bit of thinking I have decided to stay with BFFM and incorporate the fit chic workouts into my gym routine. I am, after all. without trainer in 3 days.
    BFFM has treated me with nothing but kindness this last little while and I want to see how far it brings me, but it does not have a specific workout routine included….and I NEED one.

  3. Great advice Rob. I definitely agree that sticking with a program and giving it 100% of your attention and efforts is a key to fat loss success.

    Unstoppable Fat Loss compliments Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle, as it will empower you mind to stick with Tom Venuto’s awesome nutrition advice.

    The Fit Chic Workouts will also compliment Tom’s Nutrition advice and I’m very excited to hear how your body responds to the training.

    I personally follow Tom’s nutrition advice, although I am very open minded when it comes to nutrition because I believe it is very individual and one diet does not fit all.

    Sounds to me like you’ve got the right pieces to the puzzle all together here. SWEET!

    Scott Tousignant, BHK, CFC

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