Great article! I have seen the movie 300 …

Comment posted Women of Sparta by Michele.

Great article! I have seen the movie 300 and loved it! From what I saw about the Spartan culture (from the movie), it built it’s people with confidence – to take pride in who they were and to have integrity. I don’t feel a lot of that in our current society. If you look pretty/handsome, have a good body and drive the right car/have the right house, then you are successful…but that could not be further from the truth. These things are more ego/pride than confidence/strength.

In your article you ask why did we stop? The bitter/cynical side of me wants to say we never really started. We create our own society by our actions…My feeling is that exercise/ health/confidence are just now becoming important…not starving ourselves to be a perfect size 0…we are now beginning to figure it out. I hope we get to the point where the men can workout naked again! Here’s to hope! **lift a glass**

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    Z, so you do not speak to God? If so, does she answer? And if she does, how do you know it is not a demon?

    You follow a bible that was written by men 200 years after Jesus’s death. How do you know it was not written by demons and you aren’t even walking…you are running into there trap? The bible has been translated many a time…maybe it was translated by demons?

    Right now you are probably saying, “Blasphemy!” Well, what you call blasphemy, I call thinking for myself. An unchallenged opinion is not worth having.

    Very intriguing argument, Z – but it sounds judgmental…wait, isn’t that a sin?

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    1. baby spinach
    2. I usually avoid this area but if I had to, it would be some sort of non-wheat bread
    3. chicken (dark meat)
    4. frozen berries
    5. quinoa
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    Thanks Danni and B.
  • Swingers
    Thanks for your comment. I am glad you can shed more light on the topic. :)

    I fully admit I have limited knowledge on swinging but it is a topic I was curious about – and thought others might be as well.

    I am sorry if my article implied that I thought swingers are bad people – as I do not think they are. It is just a life style I can’t see myself living. No judgment but just not for me.

    If there is anyone else that can tell us more about what swinging is really like, I would love to read your comments.

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    My boyfriend and I made this stew for the first time tonight and it was awesome! Didn’t have chili sauce on hand but will use it the next time we make this recipe. Great stew, Darlene! :)