Weekend Wrap Up – Posts This Week

Just in case you missed some of these great posts by my authors this week, here’s a quick wrap up with links to the posts

– My Monday podcast was about investing in yourself and asking you to consider doing it as well as asking the question “do you invest in yourself”

– In Monday’s poll I asked the question:

How much would you pay for the fountain of youth if it existed?


A little bit of a play on the podcast about investing in yourself. It got much less response than my controversial yet fun poll asking which got over 300 votes already and 19 comments.

– Kandace wrote her last message from the and passed along their desire in having you understand that you can draw on their strength when you need it. Your Spartan Woman is inside you, just ask.

– Kandace also wrote about the difference between trust and love in this article about relationships. Have a read. Kandace has a free weekly conference call that allows you to get to know more about her, who she is, and what she’s all about. Connect with her through her website about .

– Michele is passionate about relationships and in this first post in a series about the secrets of successful marriages, she talks about . More to come this Sunday as well and each Sunday from Michele. Sunday is relationship day here on the Former Fat Guy Blog.

– :Kristine shares her thoughts and scientific proof about the difference between Reverse Osmosis, Distilled, Structured and Alkaline Water and which one is best for the body. Lots of information about water coming down the pipe as it were. Stay tuned, it’s important.

– My 3 tips for this Friday was about how to drink more water. First in a series, expect a lot more information about water, quality of water, types of water and of course, how to create new habits to increase water consumption. You can see past here.

– Darlene’s weekly whole food recipe this week. Every Saturday, Darlene posts a new whole food recipe, either vegetarian or with meat and mostly keeping in line with the and inner biochemistry imbalances. Learn your type, take the tests, then subscribe to these posts for the recipes that compliment your metabolic type.

Jessie’s Weekly From Last Friday – Still sitting at 246.5 pounds and you’d think she’d be unhappy. Nope, she’s correctly realizing that she’s now begun building muscle and replacing the fat, hence, loosing inches and staying the same weight. In 5 weeks, Jessie has released over 21 pounds in the past 6 weeks, follow along with her story. In This Weeks Weigh In she’s sitting at the same weight and quite frustrated. Have a read through the comments I left for her on how to bust her plateau. Pretty simple really, she’s doing everything right, just not aware of one little tweak she needs to do.