Issue 63: The 48-Hour Fitness GiveAway

[ Note: This article was written by fitness and nutrition author Jon Benson. I have his permission to share it with you. ]

I promised you free stuff … and this one is the mother-load.

The good news: I’ve lined up with four of the top fitness guys in the world. We all chipped in and created unique gifts for our most valued readers.

The urgent news: It’s only for 48 hours.

Each of these five gifts are free… no stings, no catches, no cards to “input” and be charged later… nothing like that.

This is just a great big “thank you” for being a loyal reader.

The gifts you’ll find at the below address range from anywhere from $50-$250 in actual real-world value.

But for the next 48 hours ONLY you can grab them for the best price ever – zero.

Just go here and enjoy – Click Here

Since many of these are all products that are actually “sold” our time limit is 48 hours. Then we take them down.

Stay subscribed and you’ll get these kinds of gifts from me from time to time.

Thanks to fellow fitness author and Body For Life Grand Champion Joel Marion, this 48-Hour GiveAway is the best I’ve ever seen.

Go see for yourself – Click Here

Nothing to buy…just a way of saying how much we all appreciate your readership and support.

Fit Bits: Free Dumbells and Barbells?

Okay, it’s one thing to give away five killer fitness books (see the article above) but free dumbbells and barbells?


I watched for the past few weeks as my good friend Fabrice Rinaldi, author of 1 Rep Fitness, trained another Frenchman, Sebastien Night, for a really cool French video special.

Using 1 gallon milk jugs, Fabrice made dumbbells and “plates” that worked for the entire 3-week program!

All you do is fill the gallon jugs with water and some sand until they are heavy enough for you. Wrap a towel around the handle and tie a knot in the towel and you have a dumbbell for free. Add small rocks and sand as you need.

Fabrice ended up with 4-6 of these homemade dumbbells, putting them on the end of a simple wooden pole to create a barbell as well as using the towel method for creating dumbbells. That’s it… and that’s all you really need if you workout at home to create free dumbbells and barbells. And trust me — you can get a gallon jug up to about 25 pounds if you put enough rocks, sand and water in it. That’s plenty for most people just training at home.

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