3 Weight Loss Tips

I’m launching 3 tips Friday today with these 3 weight loss tips that you can use to take small baby steps towards a healthier and more physically fit you. This will be a regular theme on Fridays along with some Friday Fun and Anything Goes. It might be weight loss tips or exercise tips or health tips or any combination of them. Whatever weight loss tips I come up with or are submitted to me.

A lot of people have this thing where they start something new on Monday. Well, why wait until Monday?

These 3 tips will be coming out on Fridays, so if you’re up for starting something new, then take action today and prepare for a great weekend. You’ll already have a 3 day jump on those who wait until Monday.

Weight Loss Tips

Focus on healthier replacements – Instead of making huge shifts in your weight loss program, focus on one small change. Then make it a habit for 21 days. Do it each day for 21 days and anchor it. Then make another new replacement and repeat.

  • Replace French fries with a small salad for one of your meals each day.
  • Replace your muffin with some fresh vegetables and a small serving of protein like tuna or chicken.
  • Replace a snack with a small nutritious meal instead.

Remember energy flows where attention goes, so focus on small healthy replacements

Take The No Dairy Test – you would probably agree that you would continue to go on living if you didn’t eat dairy products for 6 months right? So take the . Eliminate all dairy products in your diet for 6 months and then monitor and track the changes. See what sort of results you notice. You might notice that your digestion improves, your allergies go away, your chronic stomach aches disappear and you don’t have headaches anymore. Just give it a try but pay attention to what you notice and how you feel. Keep a journal keeping track of what you notice. Are you up for the challenge?

Add A Few More Calories To Your Low Calorie Diet – If you are following a low calorie diet, I mean really low, like sub 1000, then just thinking about eating more might freak you out. You may know in your gut that you should be eating more, but don’t know how to approach it. Here’s how: Add in no more than 200 calories per day for a week or two, increasing your daily calories to 1000. That little bump should not be enough to freak you out, and if you focus on protein and good fats, the results should be an increase in energy, warmth and a boost in your metabolism. Consider adding 1 Tablespoon of each day (134 Calories) and 2 ounces of lean skinless chicken breast ( 98 calories) to one meal. Slightly over 200 calories, but it’s all good.

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