Tom Venuto Body Fat Solution Giveaway

Tom Venuto, author of , one of the top selling books on burning fat while building muscle, has just released his first book . It quickly became a #1 seller on Amazon and has impacted tens of thousands of lives already.

Written in a no nonsense style, Tom easily explains the principles to overcome emotional eating, why we eat more and exercise less (and what to do about it) and why it is so difficult to balance calorie input with calorie output. If you’re looking for a clear guide to calories and how they play a role in getting to your weight loss goals, this is the book for you.

The Body Fat Solution

tom venuto body fat solutionThe over consumption of calories plays a large role in our gaining fat but we’re not always so rational when we think about food, hunger or exercise. The Body Fat Solution: Five Principles for Burning Fat, Building Lean Muscles, Ending Emotional Eating, and Maintaining Your Perfect Weight is aptly named.

Drawing on his years of personal experience as a personal trainer and nutritional adviser, Tom lays out a clear plan of action to overcome the very things that keep us where we’re at and to help bust any plateaus. It’s the “little things” that we don’t think of that are just as important as daily exercise.

The Body Fat Solution is impacting lives. I received this recently from one of my subscribers:

I just want to fall down on my knees and THANK YOU for recommending Tom Venuto’s book: The Body Fat Solution. While I was reading it, I felt my mind being reprogrammed, and my physical health is now my top priority. I relaized that I have always made other things priorities. I have a wall full of diplomas, degrees and certifications as proof of my relentless pursuit of goals. It wasn’t until I read this book that I realized that having the body I have always wanted was a simple as deciding to do it- no excuses, no acknowledgment of barriers- except to kick them down or work around them and no tolerance for failure. I exact these standards in other areas of my life- my health should have been top priority all along! The athlete inside of me is awake and it is SO on. Thank you so so much for caring enough to share this information with me.


When I first reviewed Tom’s , I said that I learned some new principles that took my physique to the next level.

Well, he did it again (Thank you Tom).

Embracing Hunger

Tom discusses hunger in a way that I’ve never read before, and it was exactly what I needed to hear. We tend to overeat because we fear hunger but it’s in embracing hunger – just a little bit of hunger – that gets us closer to our goals.

It’s easy to accept that eating too much will add weight to our bodies, but it’s in overcoming the fear of hunger that we reach our goals quicker. It’s time to reframe our beliefs on hunger and accept, as Tom so beautifully puts it, that “hunger is not an emergency”. Tom does not take credit for that statement though, and says he’s quoting Judith Beck.

Hunger IS NOT an emergency!

Hunger is the sound of “fat cells shrinking”.

By being a little bit hungry between meals, just a little mind you, we reach our goals of a lean physique that much quicker. Hunger must be reframed in your mind and understood to be your friend – your ally. I’ll never forget a conversation I had with Tom a few years ago when he said “Rob, you must go to bed just a little hungry every day”.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that to myself since reading the book. I’ve updated my facebook status with that statement and tweeted it on twitter. It’s something you have to take on and accept, if even for the short term, until you reach your goals.

We’ve eaten too much food and we’ve stored it. Eating is fun, but to reverse that process, we must accept hunger. As I said earlier, reframe hunger and begin to realize that hunger is fat cells shrinking.

The Body Fat Solution is a robust book – as important for the weekend warrior as it is for the weight loss novice. Part of what you’ll learn:

  • Change your vision and gain indomitable confidence by setting manageable goals
  • Maximize your metabolism to jolt out of plateaus
  • reshape your body through lean muscle training for a strong core and toned frame
  • invite a supportive social network of friends, family, and mentors to help you achieve your dream for life

.. and it goes so much further past all that. It’s had an immediate impact on me and how I think from chapter to chapter that I simply must share it with someone.

Free gift…

I recommended by Tom Venuto when he first released it and after reading it myself and hearing back from Tangee, I want to give a couple of copies away.

To win a free copy of this book, there are two requirements:

1. Leave a comment telling me why you should be picked. Maybe it’s because you’re an emotional eater, or maybe it’s because you need more education into physical fitness. Maybe it’s because you never fully understood the relationship between having a calorie surplus vs a calorie deficit or simply because you need a good kick in the pants.

2. You must be a subscriber to my natural weight loss newsletter. This give away is a way for me to give back to my readers and subscribers. I will cross reference the email you use for entering the comment against my subscriber list. The email address must have been on my subscriber list before placing the comment.

If you’re not a subscriber to my newsletter, sign up (look for the red box on the right side of the page). Subscribers receive my free report “How To Lose 10 Pounds a Month, Every Month, Until You Reach Your Goal Weight” when joining. Subscribe here.

Contest closes Sunday February 15th 2009

Winners will be notified via the newsletter.


After speaking with Tom, he’s agreed to up the reward and offer a personally signed copy as a Grand Prize, to be sent directly to the winner.

So there are now 3 copies to be given away, 2 from me and 1 personally signed copy from Tom himself.


And the winners are Comment #9 Christie Landtroop (Grand Prize winner), #3 Tara B and #38 M Reed.

Email me at your earliest convenience with your mailing address using the same email address you used to enter your comment. Congratulations!


  1. I really want the body fat solution book as i have very very less control over my hunger. I have complete control over my exercise regime, i workout daily. But everyday i make myself a commitment that i would eat health and would eat in the limit, but as soon as i get to eat something i like something which is junk i can’t control myself. My brain asks me to stop but my hands just feed me an feed me till i even realize what i have done and then a guilt feeling just eats me up.

    I have lost fat but want to take it to the next level by using the methods described in the book. Also i want to get fit and lean before august as i really want to be a contender for Mr. Sparks the annual festival of our college and also try hard to win it. This is my last year of college so wanna do everything possible to get lean, fit and strong and get going. Also my girl will be shocked to see me on the stage of which i have always been afraid of because of my body.


  2. srry the email address for the above comment was in correct so reposting..
    I really want the body fat solution book as i have very very less control over my hunger. I have complete control over my exercise regime, i workout daily. But everyday i make myself a commitment that i would eat health and would eat in the limit, but as soon as i get to eat something i like something which is junk i can’t control myself. My brain asks me to stop but my hands just feed me an feed me till i even realize what i have done and then a guilt feeling just eats me up.

    I have lost fat but want to take it to the next level by using the methods described in the book. Also i want to get fit and lean before august as i really want to be a contender for Mr. Sparks the annual festival of our college and also try hard to win it. This is my last year of college so wanna do everything possible to get lean, fit and strong and get going. Also my girl will be shocked to see me on the stage of which i have always been afraid of because of my body.


  3. Hi Rob. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book. I am a home schooling Mom of 4! Now if that doesn’t spell emotional eating I don’t know what does. I struggle up and down with my weight and want to overcome this battle once and for all. Blessings to you a fellow Albertan and thanks for all your tips and resources in the newsletter.

  4. (sorry for my english, my first language is French :-) )

    First, this blog and newsletter just arrive on good time in my life. I have made several change in my life and I’m on my way to loose a lot of weight. On november 20, 2008.. I weight 379 pounds !! Now, on february 11, I weigth 316 pounds. A important 63 pounds !
    So, I decide to change my habit.. and a lot of thing. I think I am a emotional eating and I have to deal with it when I am lonely or frustrated about something.
    I want this book, It would probably and me a lot too continue and give my tool for it.
    I have another 116 pounds to loss to go on the 200 magic number for me. So, I will continue to do efforts and read a lot to help me.
    I think to receive a book from you will certainly maintain my motivation, and the tool and conselling will be very important on the way off my weight loss.

  5. I would love to win a copy of Tom’s new book. I started this journey weighing 400 lbs last June… I’m currently 320 lbs, which is still very large so I have a lot more fat to lose. However, I’ve been at a stand still with weight lose for the past few weeks. I feel like this book would help me tremendously! I know that it will help me get down to where I want to be and also be able to give me the knowledge I need to maintain the ideal weight. I do hope that I am picked but if I’m not, then I will save up to purchase the book myself. I am determined to get this weight off of me once and for all. I would love to be able to kiss the 300’s goodbye forever!
    Please pick me and help me make my dreams come true!!!


  6. Hi Rob – first off, I would like to thank you for your free newsletter. Like many overweight people, I’ve tried crash diets (like the Cookie Diet) and the results are typical…lose it quick and gain it all back – plus some – even quicker. I’ve been struggling to lose weight for over 5 years and nothing that I’ve tried has been a permanent solution.

    I had a bit of a wakeup call after a picture of me was posted on Facebook (why did I let myself get to this point?) and I started putting some of your advice into practice (like eating fruit first thing in the morning and waiting for it to digest before adding more food into my system, only drinking water and cutting out red meat and fast food). With your help, and the help of SparkPeople to track my calories, I have lost 5 pounds in a month. It’s not coming off as quick as the crash diets, but I know this is the healthy way to lose the weight. I have 50 more pounds until I reach my goal, and I hope that the small changes I am making will lead to habit – I’m almost sure they will if I stick to it.
    After reading your newsletter today, I think that I will benefit greatly from Tom’s book. I’m learning to deal with hunger now and keep telling myself that hunger = weight loss, but I would love to learn more about the science behind losing weight.
    Thanks again for all your advice. Knowledge is power!

  7. I would like to win Tom’s book, because i have a very serious issue. I over eat because i like the feel of food. It’s like my mouth and tonge want more and more and yet my stomach is full. I would like to be educated on real hunger and false hunger. I have to shed another 20 pounds and would to get rid of as much as i can before July 09, that is when my son get married. Please help.

  8. Hello Rob and congratulations on your weight loss. Man that is great! I’m 32 years old and currently at 350 pounds. About 8 years ago, I weighed 420 pounds and have slowly lost until I reached 350. I’m stuck at 350 now and can not get myself motivated to diet and exercise for more than a few days at a time. I really need to lose weight. The last few years I’ve really began to feel the impact that my weight is having on my health. I hurt a lot. I now have problems with my lower back and knees. It is so hard to get through a day of work. I know that if I could get down to 180 – 200 pounds I would live a completely different life. Thanks for this opportunity to win this book, I’d really like to have it. I won’t quit trying until I succeed at losing this weight and begin living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks again, Mark

  9. Hi Rob,

    It’s not a question of wanting the book… I NEED the book. I have problems with emotional eating, I eat in advance of feeling hungry in case I *might* be hungry later, which of course now doesn’t happen because I am ALWAYS eating it seems. I get confused about people who say eat every 3-4 hours and then others who say to eat just 1-2 times a day (caveman style?). I’ve not understood how to lose fat very well either (I know about the calorie deficit, but what about muscle loss?). I exercise some (3days a week now, just started last week) but for my eating I NEED a “kick in the pants!” Recently I have learned the power of taking action on the information I read… I’m ready to put this book’s information into practice for myself and also sharing with others, I am a believer in paying it forward! I am looking forward to burning that fat!

    Thank you for the opportunity for the book,

  10. Emotional eating? Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and the hat, the whole wardrobe! When I saw this offer, I knew I had to try for it.

    I have been an emotional eater most of my life. The last time I felt ‘normal’ was probably around the 5th grade—about 40 years ago! Our father constantly told us girls we were fat. Well, he convinced us alright, neither of us have seen the other side of 200 lbs since high school. Personally, I think he destroyed that part of my self confidence (and maybe my sister’s too). Looking back at pictures, I can see I wasn’t bad at all. But I was convinced otherwise and emotional eating had already become part of my defense.

    Fast forward to the early 1990’s, a very stressful time. In a matter of a few years I got married, had a baby, lost my job, moved twice, developed panic attacks and my mother died of cancer. I somehow packed on 100+ pounds 3 years. I didn’t even have a scale that could weigh me. When one doctor’s office had a ‘jumbo’ scale, I was shocked to find I had hit 400 pounds. Yeah, that’s right, pretty sad.

    Emotional eating? You bet. Do I need this book? Very much so. As you can see, I know the problem, I know I have issues and triggers, etc. Now I need to know how to fix it. I need to fix this. I had lost 103 pounds, but have gained back 40—its emotional eating and I know it. Please help me help myself. I hope you find me worthy of receiving this book. (Sorry for rambling on and on.)

  11. I would love to win the Body Fat Solution. After years of being overweight I would like to understand why I overeat. I would like to understand emotional and stress eating and learn to embrace hunger rather than just react to it as an emergency.

  12. I am leaving a comment because I want to win a copy of this book. Perhaps this is the book I need to read to get me over this plateau!

  13. Dear Tom,
    I have struggled all my adult life with being “overweighjt”. Through hard work and exercise I managed to go from my all time high of 235 to enjoying a weight loss of 80 pounds. My son got married and with in three weeks, my Dad passed away… Again, I am going through what I went through for when I went through my divorce, and a bad marriage. Personal “negative internal Feedback” to my self, and,….thus I am struggling up and down again with weight and personal issues….a vicous cycle…
    I have signed up to almost every thing about weight loss…..Oh No!!!! major overload..!!!When you come home or check your email and have major overload…then you are wanting to just delete every thing and are so overwhelmed. that along with the worries that life throws at us…back into the trap….
    Bluntly, I would just like to weed through all the crap and stuff you have to weed through, get on track, get in control and love my self and body and cut all the promises out there that promise you instant gratification.
    I know you are trying to help a lot of people and I would hate the job of weeding out who you help….any way I decided to give you a try and not delete you…because yes, I was thinking of it.
    Thank you for the time and effort of reading my letter, take Care.
    All the best.

  14. only 13 responses so far? where is everyone?
    Ever since Tom launched this new book a couple of weeks back, I have been considering it. For over a year I have made an earnest effort to control my weight and eating, I have changed some of what I eat, sodas are dead to me, but I still have MANY weak moments where I eat something, or things, I KNOW I shouldn’t.

    Free is great, crazy that some people don’t like free…but, if I don’t happen to be a winner, then I’ll likely still purchase it after I get taxes done.

  15. I am missing a piece to the puzzle of permanent weight management. I do need to unlock my motivation to overcome emotional tsunamis. I’m ready to move on to the next level.

    I’m continuing to do video dance workouts & doing extra kicking in the hot tub just to keep my body moving along with my 10,000 step a day goal. I’m able to play more with the dog & walk up the inclined driveway without panting.

    Hope this one will come my direction.

  16. I would like to have the book because I’m at a slowly worsening state, in spite the fact that I try to eat healthy and I do exercise. I’m really not used to this, I was always lean and I used to do karate, until I got cancer, which was followed with 5 full courses of chemotherapy. Beside not being able to move and exercise and having pain in every inch of my skin, due to the chemicals coursing through my veins, I could not hold down many foods either. This seems to have shifted something in me and ever since I keep getting bigger. Before chemo, I was 190lbs. Now it is 320. I tried many diets including the 500 calories (that I call the “suicide diet”) supervised by a doctor, but after a rapid 90 lbs loss, as soon as I stopped, I gained all back… It is extremely frustrating to eat right and exercise and have no results whatsoever. (Yes, I know that the thing I did with that doctor was not normal or right, but I was and still am desperate). I know my thyroids are shot too, and no testosterone either (or at least my blood tests concur). So I’m searching for the solution and keep trying. I would buy the book, but I was laid off 3 months ago, and all my savings are going into paying the mortgage. So there you have it.

  17. i really need this book! i am a 55 yr. old woman in a constant battle with my weight! im in a constant battle trying to make good decisions on what im putting in my mouth… i really think this book could be the reality i need to succeed.

  18. Hi Rob,

    I feel I should receive a copy of the book because I don’t want to waste any more of my life being unsatisfied with my body. I’ve lived most of my life about 20 pounds from my goal and feel guilty that I can’t stay commited to a lifestyle change long enough to lose that extra fat and move on already! I love exercise and whole foods, I just become lazy and go with the flow of everyone around me. My 27th birthday is the day this give away ends and I think it would be an awesome birthday gift to receive this book, absorb the information and kick myself in the butt to make the positive changes I need to make. I’m also hoping, that by improving myself I’ll be a positive example to my family, my boyfriend (who is obese), and my 3 year old niece who is destined for diabetes by the time she’s 12.

    Even if you don’t choose me to receive the book, I want to thank you for your inspiring blog and website. I really enjoy it.

  19. Me, me, me! Pick me. Please please please. This is absolutely my struggle. I have lost 22 lbs in the last 30 days, but I struggle with wanting to eat the wrong foods for the wrong reasons. Please send me a copy? I just took a big drink of water, like you said. I’ve lived my whole life with all the miserable thoughts and complaints. I don’t want to live that way anymore. I’m making progress, but I do fear going back again like I have in the past. If you added up all the weight I’ve lost and then gained back I’m certain it would be over a thousand pounds.

  20. I have been an emotional eater for over 20 years. I am tired of losing weight but only to gain it back again because of some crisis in my life. I use food to take away loneliness, when I am upset, when I am happy — you get the idea. I am on a quest this year to change my unhealthy eating habits and one area I need to work on diligently is emotional eating because once I learn to control emotional eating, I can eat healthier and be healthier.

  21. I am a stress eater. Unfortunately, since my mother passed away last September, I have been under insane amounts of stress in trying to deal with her estate. As well, I am meds due to developing adrenal exhaustion from stress-related problems a couple of years ago. HELP! I have gained 75 lbs. and, although I try to eat very well, it just doesn’t seem to work. I am also gluten-intolerant and, under dr’s orders, have not been able to exercise for a year! I have just now been given the okay to start with mild exercise. I must lose weight as my knees are killing me. Thanks for reading this.

  22. I am trying to spend 2009 focusing on me and my needs because for the past eight years I have been everyone’s caretaker EXCEPT my own. Because of medical issues I deal with, I’ve been on a roller coaster with my health, but have now evened-off and am looking for the help and direction to accomplish my goal — being healthy and happier in the future. I believe that, with Rob’s recommendations, this book could bring me closer to my goals. I have “stuffed” my frustrations over caregiving and health issues through food. I would love to receive this book and promise not to waste the knowledge I would gain by owning it. Thank you, in advance, for the opportunity at a chance to help my future.

  23. I am a self-declared fad queen. 7 years ago, I won $15,000 (my crown) in a weight loss competition using dietary pills, only to look like my ‘before’ photo again soon after. Fads don’t work – I know that now. I’m looking for a sustained solution to end my weight problem once and for all. The fact that the word solution is in the title, sounds like this book could be it. I’m also attracted to the subheadings; “Ending emotional eating” and “Maintaining your perfect weight”. So why don’t I just go out and buy the book, why do I want to win it? Because I’ve spent so much money reaching out, clutching at hope and I have become disillusioned. I want to believe that it’s true… and possible… and yet I’ve got burnt so many times by false hopes that my purse can’t sustain any more blows. If I won the book, it would be a sign that perhaps this is the real thing – like true love 😉

  24. I’m tired… I’m tired of trying and creating my own defeat. I NEED to understand what goes on psychologically between food and myself so I can stop it. This book truly sounds like it has the information I need to finally stop sabotaging myself so maybe, just maybe, I can succeed at getting healthy.

  25. I think Tom Venuto is one of the greatest writers of bodybuilding of all time. I am in desperate need of good motivational and goal setting information as I am an emotional eater and have been on diets all of my life. I have tried to implement a healthy lifestyle but always fail to reach my goals. I need help!

  26. I would love a copy of this book. I have my workouts down to a science and can eat well when life is good. But throw some stress my way, and it goes downhill. I eat when I am happy and eat when I am miserable. I have muscles, but they are covered in a layer of fat that I cannot seem to get rid of.

    Over the past 18 months, I have had 2 surgeries, my husband has had one and 3 other hospitalizations, and a home business that had to be shut down. The stress is unbelievable. In addition, the frustration of not being able to lose the last of the fat, no matter how hard or often I work out, is taking its toll.

    I would be forever grateful to receive a copy. I have read great things about this book.

  27. I want the book because i weigh almost 300 lbs. and have just made the commitment to get FIT!!! And I am actually having fun doing it. I love to get ahold of new info and devour it and apply the bits and pieces that work for me. i’m gonna devise my own Fit plan and maybe someday be up there with you all. I can’t wait. when i get to my goal i’m gonna run a triathalon as my reward.

  28. I am asking for you to choose me. help me please. I have been struggling losing weight.. the more i am learning… I am becoming aware that I am an emotional eater. EVEN KNOWING THAT… I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO GET OVERIT- OR STOP. I need your help. I nee to learn what you can teach me to build sucess. Thank you. Keleen

  29. I have been learning all I can to help me lose weight. every Dr I have gone to for help…has given me a pill. needless to say a pill will not help me. I have identified that I am an emotional eater. stil I have not found any help that will truely help me- stop being an emotional eater. I am asking for you help with that- give me this book. it sounds like this is the puzzle piece i need in my life. Thank you. Keleen

  30. Hi Rob. I have so enjoyed subscribing to your newsletter. I am nearly 40 years old, and for the first time in my life it is working for me. I am almost 100 pounds into what will probably end up being a 300 pound weight loss. I owe that to you, friend, in such large measure through all I have learned in terms of nutrition, exercise, adequate rest and so much more. I would absolutely love to have the honor being selected to receive a gift copy of Tom Venuto’s Body Fat Solution. Funds are really tight right now, and it mean the world to me to be fortunate enough to receive this book. I have a lot of work ahead of me, and I could really use the motivation and additional tips to keep me going to the finish line. Rob, when I first stumbled across your story online I simply could not believe what I was reading and seeing. It was like looking at a picture of myself…just the wakeup call I needed. So, whether I am selected or not, I want to take this opportunity to say a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you know how great of an impact you have on people like me.

  31. My weight just won’t come off! I have tried and getting so discourage, feeling I will be fat forever. I get started and then I get overwhelmed by the hunger. I know I am feeding my feelings, wishing I was more than I am, wishing I looked better than I do, wishing someone would hear me and answer my call for help.

    I cannot do this alone. I need help. I don’t want to be overweight and alone with my food. I want to start living life. I have turned down life because of my weight and justify my food choices because of cost. It is cheaper to eat fat food than to eat healthy. When will my body get out of my way to living and enjoying life.

    I hope your book on emotional eating will help, it must be powerful to get through to me!

  32. Rob,

    I am fairly new to your site and love it! As with so many of the previous comments, I struggle with motivation to stay on track to loose the 150 pound excess that I carry around. I have recently realized that much of my eating is powered by emotions, be they positive or negative. I eat to celebrate, to relax, when sad, happy or angry. It seems that I totally use food as a form of medication to calm me down, pep me up or to destress from a hard day.

    I would love Tom Venuto’s book to learn how to wrap my head around the emotional eating issue and to find a way to overcome it. While I have always had to work hard to control my weight, since I turned 50, it has become a lost battle. I want to win the war and Tom Venuto’s book could be the winning plan!

  33. Hi Tom,

    I am one of your South African subscribers, and I have recently turned 46 years old. I presently weigh 115 kg (253 pounds) and my target weight is 95 Kg (209 pounds) which means that I need to lose 44 pounds.
    I was always a fit to fairly fit sportsman participating actively in rugby and cricket (not well known sports in the US but huge in the UK,SA,New Zealand and Australia amongst others). As a result of work pressure in terms of time I now no longer participate in sport but I do try to do weight training at least 3 times a week and I try to eat healthy – which is not happening at the moment as I am not too sure of what to do and not to do. After reading the other posts for this book I realize that there are people that seem to have a far worse problem than I do, but I don’t want to get to the point that they are !!!. In the last 3 years I have gained 22 pounds and it is not muscle!.
    I need to stop this now and turn things around, I am very dedicated to this objective as from 2009 and sincerely believe that this book will be a tremendous tool to help me to achieve my goal weight and health as I now suffer from HBP and cholesterol.
    Reading all the other posts I only wish that all of these people could get the book as it is obvious that we all need help.
    I am hoping that my request will receive your favourable consideration.

    Kind Regards


  34. Goodday, I am one of your subsribers from Nigerian Iam 37years Old I have been going from one sport house to the other, I will reduce today, tomorrow I will add my weight again. The increase in weight started when I was 20 years immediately I give birth to my first child. Now I weigh about 105, I have been suffering from High BP I need this book to help me loss my weight and my tommy. Thank you are A wonderful teacher take care.

  35. hi Rob

    I love Tom Venuto! He rocks! He has the best practical advice and between support from you and Tom’s excellent ebook “Feed the Muscle, Burn the Fat” (and lots of hard work from me!) I’ve lost 17 kilos since May last year. Now I’m only about 7 or 8 kg from my goal but have hit a huge plateau (losing weight but ever so slowly these days. only 4kg off in about 5 months). I would love to win this book to add to my knowledge. I’m a firm believer of not following only one method but reading as much as I can and finding what suits my body and my lifestyle. Thanks for your continued support and guidance. You are inspirational.
    cheers Fiona

  36. Hey Rob,
    I’m a 58 yr old male who’s been fighting obesity since I was 2 yrs old. Obviously I need help. I’ve tried to purchase Tom’s book and got ripped off by an reseller and I’m in the process of getting a refund. Wish I could make friends with all those who have left comments so far. I have a hard time surrounding myself with a support group in my fight against obesity. Would love to win a copy of Tom’s book “The Body Fat Solution”
    Thanks for caring

  37. Hey Rob, on January 2nd, I googled the term “do I choose to be fat” and your blog came up. Drawing inspiration from your story, I committed (once again) to complete my 100 pound weight loss> Since then I have consistently lost 3 pounds a week. In order to be successful, I have had to redefine many aspects of my life. The one I am struggling the most with is food and exercise balance. I know that this book can be a tool for me to finally be successful in achieving a healthy weight through this new healthy lifestyle. Thanks for what you do, Paige

  38. I am in an industry that’s been been hit hard by the current recession. Many of my contacts have left the industry, and those who remain are making a faction of our previous income. Because in the past I was able to transact business over the phone, my appearance was not as important. However now, I need to make personal contacts, and because of my weight I’ve avoided doing the one thing that would help me generate income, sales calls.

    It’s extremely important that I re-take the steps that I did over 20 years ago to build business contacts, because I am the sole support of my wife 2 kids, and 92 year old mother in law. Appearance can be very important in not only my confidence, but also in potential clients choosing to work with me.

    Finally and most importantly, I need to improve my health because I want to avoid any health disasters. I don’t have time for illness and need to improve my health to avoid, diabetes, and heart disease of which some family members are experiencing. I can also be an example to my family on how to turn their health situation around.

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  39. Basicly, I have never won anything in my life…., I only wish to win my life.
    If I continue the way I’ve been going, I’ll lose. Your book could be my winning ticket.


  40. I am instructing a Wedding BootCamp and I think
    this would be great to share with each and every
    one of them.
    C. A. Frank

  41. I used to think it was about losing weight. I did diet after diet and kept getting stuck. Then Tom Venuto showed me it was about losing FAT. Now I’m losing about 2lbs per week and doing lots of exercise. Not only do I feel better than I did before, I’m actually eating more than I did before. Tom Venuto is a Godsend.

  42. Rob, Tom, I’ve made TREMENDOUS progress this week. Starting at a whopping 305 pounds last week, I weighed in at 295.2 today. Rob can probably relate to this, but the psychological boost of getting out of an entire rank of three-digit numbers (from 3– to 2–) is great!

    Starting is easy. Keeping with it is hard. I can use all the tools I can get my hand on. I’ve read Rob’s website (and his wonderful free booklet), I’ve read Body-for-LIFE and Body-for-LIFE for Women, and Skinny Bitch. I have convinced myself that this will be a slow progress, and it will also change over time.

    I’m entering this contest because I know I can see success, but the more tools I have in my toolbox, the better the chance of reaching my goal of true fitness will be. Please consider me!

  43. I am asking for the Tom Venuto book. My philosophy is, if you are trying to lose weight and get in shape, don’t listen to some ivory tower academician who has a spare tire tell you how to. Listen to people who have been successful. That is the very reason I subscribe to Rob’s FormerFatGuy’s emails. Rob is in great shape and Tom Venuto is a body builder who can show a guy like me the ropes when it comes to getting in shape.


  44. My reason for wanting the book is simple, to try it and see if it works. At 53, 40 lbs over weight, and muscles shrinking due to age, gives me reason for this post. Got a camera, and going to do a before / after diary. I have nothing fancy to say other than, all here posting is an encouragement as we are all in it together. Thank you for giving me a chance to win the book. Be nice to see some before and after photo’s of the winners.

  45. 3 Winners have been chosen including the grand prize winner. All randomly chosen by my tweeps on twitter.

    See the bottom of the post for winners names and instructions

  46. Congratulations to the winners of this week’s prize. I hope you’ll put it to good use. Now I’ll have to save my $ to get the book. :) :) :)

    I would be hard pressed to decide for the many deserving candidates, but I emailed you separately about that.

    Hope all is well & continue your praiseworthy work in motivating people.

    Injoy:) Carolyn

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