Rob, I am fairly new to your site and …

Comment posted Tom Venuto Body Fat Solution Giveaway by Stephanie.


I am fairly new to your site and love it! As with so many of the previous comments, I struggle with motivation to stay on track to loose the 150 pound excess that I carry around. I have recently realized that much of my eating is powered by emotions, be they positive or negative. I eat to celebrate, to relax, when sad, happy or angry. It seems that I totally use food as a form of medication to calm me down, pep me up or to destress from a hard day.

I would love Tom Venuto’s book to learn how to wrap my head around the emotional eating issue and to find a way to overcome it. While I have always had to work hard to control my weight, since I turned 50, it has become a lost battle. I want to win the war and Tom Venuto’s book could be the winning plan!