Dear Tom, I have struggled all my adult life …

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Dear Tom,
I have struggled all my adult life with being “overweighjt”. Through hard work and exercise I managed to go from my all time high of 235 to enjoying a weight loss of 80 pounds. My son got married and with in three weeks, my Dad passed away… Again, I am going through what I went through for when I went through my divorce, and a bad marriage. Personal “negative internal Feedback” to my self, and,….thus I am struggling up and down again with weight and personal issues….a vicous cycle…
I have signed up to almost every thing about weight loss…..Oh No!!!! major overload..!!!When you come home or check your email and have major overload…then you are wanting to just delete every thing and are so overwhelmed. that along with the worries that life throws at us…back into the trap….
Bluntly, I would just like to weed through all the crap and stuff you have to weed through, get on track, get in control and love my self and body and cut all the promises out there that promise you instant gratification.
I know you are trying to help a lot of people and I would hate the job of weeding out who you help….any way I decided to give you a try and not delete you…because yes, I was thinking of it.
Thank you for the time and effort of reading my letter, take Care.
All the best.